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Ceramic Tile – Pre-Installation Guidelines

Expectations of Ceramic Tile InstallationCeramic Tile – Prior to Installation

Your Ceramic Tile installation project is all about meeting your expectations. Your Tom Adams Installation Team has already reviewed all prints, layout and your contract prior to your installation.  All projects share the fact that noise, dust, vibration and air circulation will be created.  Based on your project, the time frame is 1 to 3 days, your Tom Adams installation manager will call and confirm, when making the schedule for your Ceramic Tile installation. Allow up to 72 hours for curing time of tile mortar and grout.

During the original process, your Tom Adams Sales Associate should have reviewed the project with your computer drawn layout of the room(s) before any work is to be done. We will determine your flooring or wall estimate based on the best layout for your room. We specialize in placing your tile to give you the best price and look on your project. Inform your Tom Adams Sales Associate if you would like extra material in case of issues that may arise years from now.

Ceramic Tile – During Installation

  • Remove all pets from the installation area.
  • Removal of normal furniture will be free of charge. Special furniture such as pool tables and pianos will be charged if we feel we are able to move it safely. Pool tables and pianos may be not level or out of tune after movement.
  • Removal of any small items, books, videos, flat screen TV’s, glassware, statues, antiques, grandfathers clock, aquariums, or wall items that may fall off because of vibrations, are your responsibility to move in a safe place away from any possible damage or dust.
  • Empty all closets to enable complete mobility of your installation team and to prevent the possibility of damage to your possessions.
  • To prevent damage or dust on your possessions, remove all computers, electronic items, stereos or valuable from the installation area.
  • Removal of Toilets, by a Tom Adams Certified Plumber comes with an extra cost.A professional plumber or the homeowner must disconnect and re-connect all gas stoves, dryers, or ice lines to refrigerator.
  • Flooring Squeaks are the cause of plywood sub-floor nailed down. In time, these nails and plywood shift, causing squeaks sounds when traffic occurs on that spot. Tom Adams may be able to minimize, but never eliminate, these squeaks. Ask you Tom Adams Sales Associate for details.
  • All of Tom Adams Installation teams have been certified and insured, along with current workman’s compensation. Tom Adams carries a One Million Dollar Insurance Policy.
  • If written on your contract, Tom Adams certified and insured installation team will remove and haul away your old carpet, pad, or hard surface product.

Maintenance of Ceramic Tile Installation

Ceramic Tile – After Installation

  • Glass and Natural stones need special cleaning. Do not use oils, cleaning crystals or powder products that may scratch or leave a residue on your products. Please see your manufacturers recommended cleaning products for correct cleaning instructions
  • On a regular basis please wipe clean with sudsy ammonia using a soft sponge only. Use Ceramic tile and grout cleaners to keep tile and grout clean of debris and dirt.
  • After 72 hours of installation, you may seal your grout with approved grout sealer or stone sealer. This may need to be repeated based on usage.
  • You can sweep, vacuum or swift your ceramic floor on a daily basis or as needed.
  • Some Tiles and stone are better to resist scratches by pets, stones or furniture. Never move pianos or appliances without protecting your Ceramic floor first. Some tile are very much varied in color, be consult with your Tom Adams sales associate for details of the product you selected and how it will work with your lifestyle and environment.
  • Use protective pads on legs of furniture to help minimize damage to floor or grout. You should replace protective pads on furniture when needed.