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Doors – Pre-Installation Guidelines

What Should I Expect During My Patio / Entry Door Installation?Door – Prior to Installation

Your Tom Adams Installation team has reviewed your contract and has already been to your home to complete the correct measure for your door installation. We have discussed all possible issues or concerns with your project prior to installation. Our warehouse has verified the shipment of your door(s). All supplies for your installation will be prepared in advance. All projects share the fact that noise, dust, vibration and air circulation will be created.

Your installation team will allot themselves enough time based on the needs of your home.

If weather or any unforeseen issue happens the day of installation, we will call and re-schedule your installation. We cannot install on days of heavy rain or in climate conditions

Your installer will remove all old existing windows that will be replaced. For easy access, please remove all cars from your driveway for easier access for our Installers.

Drop cloths will be used to keep all parts of your home clean of debris, dirt that may happen from traffic.

After installation, please allow 48 hours prior to cleaning your door in order for any caulk used during installation to dry properly.

Door – During Installation

  • Remove all pets from the installation area.
  • To prevent damage or dust on your possessions, remove all computers, electronic items, stereos or valuable from the installation area.
  • Removal of furniture that blocks easy access to the door(s).
  • Lead Safety methods established by the EPA will used on all door(s) installations on home built prior to 1978. We want to minimize the spread of Lead Paint dust in your home.
  • Move all car and vehicles away for the work area and driveway to assist your installer with easiest and fastest path to their trucks.
  • Contact your Alarm company prior to installation of your door(s). The removal of your alarm system may cause wires to be cut short and not go past the frame of your new door(s). This is why it is important to complete this prior it your schedule installation.
  • Remove any planters, furniture, patio furniture that may be in the way of your door installation.
  • All of Tom Adams Installation teams have been certified and insured, along with current workman’s compensation. Tom Adams carries a One Million Dollar Insurance Policy.
  • If written on your contract, Tom Adams certified and insured installation team will remove and haul away your old windows.
  • Please have an adult present at the time of installation. If any issues, such as wood rot or termites must be discussed and solved immediately, to secure your home with your new door.

Care and Maintenance After My Door Installation

Door – After Installation

  • Door(s) may have coats of Low-E and based on the glass on your door, the correct cleaning may change. Please check with your Tom Adams sales associate or the manufacturer to verify the correct process.
  • Tom Adams recommends a Windex with Vinegar as an excellent cleaning solution on the glass only.
  • Do not use any oils, cleaning crystals, soft scrubs or powder products that may scratch or leave a residue on your windows. Please never use an abrasive sponge or products that could cause scratches.
  • Never use paint thinners, lacquers thinner, gasoline, kerosene or other caustic chemicals to clean your door or hardware.
  • No Power Washing your door. It may damage the glass, paint, stain and/or seals permanently.
  • Dogs nails may scratch your steel or fiberglass doors and permanently mark up your paint.
  • Storm doors may create excessive heat and may increase the temperature of your steel door and could damage the glass and or paint.
  • Cleaning your ProVia steel, fiberglass or vinyl door can be as easy as cleaning clothes or mild soap and water and rinse with water. But never use them on a hot day with Armor All direct sunlight. Keep weather stripping clean of dirt or debris
  • Polish Brass or Nickel door hardware with automotive or furniture wax.

Important – Extra workmanship and/or supplies maybe needed along with additional costs, if unforeseen damage to your home from wood rot, termites or previous water damage is found after door removal.