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Hardwood/Laminate – Pre-Installation Guidelines

Hardwood/Laminate – Prior to Installation

Your Tom Adams Installation Team has already reviewed all prints, layout and your contract prior to your hardwood installation or laminate installation.  All projects share the fact that noise, dust, vibration and air circulation will be created.  Based on your project,  the time frame is 1 to 3 days, your Tom Adams installation manager will call and confirm, when making the schedule for your hardwood / laminate installation.

During the original process, your Tom Adams Sales Associate should have reviewed the project along with seam layouts on our computer drawn layout of the room(s) being carpeted.  We will determine your flooring estimate based on the best layout for your room.

Hardwood/Laminate – During Installation

  • Remove all pets from the installation area.
  • Removal of normal furniture will be free of charge. Special furniture such as pool tables and pianos will be charged if we feel we are able to move it safely. Pool tables and pianos may be not level or out of tune after movement.
  • Removal of any small items, books, videos, flat screen TV’s, glassware, statues, antiques, grandfathers clock, aquariums, or wall items that may fall off because of vibrations, are your responsibility to move in a safe place away from any possible damage or dust.
  • Empty all closets to enable complete mobility of your installation team and to prevent the possibility of damage to your possessions.
  • To prevent damage or dust on your possessions, remove all computers, electronic items, stereos or valuable from the installation area.
  • Removal of Toilets, by a Tom Adams Certified Plumber comes with an extra cost. A professional plumber or the homeowner must disconnect and re-connect all gas stoves, dryers, or ice lines to refrigerator.
  • Flooring Squeaks are the cause of plywood sub-floor nailed down. In time, these nails and plywood shift, causing squeaks sounds when traffic occurs on that spot. Tom Adams may be able to minimize, but never eliminate, these squeaks. Ask you Tom Adams Sales Associate for details.
  • All of Tom Adams Installation teams have been certified and insured, along with current workman’s compensation. Tom Adams carries a One Million Dollar Insurance Policy.
  • If written on your contract, Tom Adams certified and insured installation team will remove and haul away your old carpet, pad, or hard surface product.
  • All Hardwood / Laminate that is 3″ or wider should acclimate in your home for approx. 72 hours.
  • Nail Down /Stapled Hardwood will be perpendicular to the sub-floor beams, unless go over existing hardwood. If floating or gluing installation then direction to be determine prior to installation.

Hardwood/ Laminate – After Installation

  • Do Not Wash your hardwood or laminate floor with water, oils, cleaning crystals, ammonia or steam cleaning, because these products will damage your new floor. Please see your manufacturers recommended cleaning products for correct cleaning instructions
  • On a regular basis please sweep, vacuum or swift your floor. You can use special “BONA” Hardwood, Laminate cleaning products along with a micro-mop or swifter for everyday cleaning.
  • Solid Hardwood Floors may have seasonal gaping or shrinking due to lack of humidity during the heating of your home in the winter. Also expansion may occur with Hardwood during the air conditioning of your home in the summer. These gaps and expansions can be minimized in your home with the use of a humidifier or de-humidifier being used.
  • All hardwood can dent or be scratched by pets, stones or furniture. Never move pianos, or appliances without protecting your hardwood floor first. Hardwood is a product made by nature, so inconsistencies with graining, color, mineral streaks and knots maybe expected and are not a manufacturing defect.  Ask your Tom Adams Sales Associates for information on the product and how it will work with your lifestyle.
  • Use protective pads on legs of furniture to help minimize damage to floor. Replace pads needed.

Important – Occasionally unforeseen prior issues or damage to your sub-floor may not be noticed until removal of your existing flooring. Any additional costs or issues will be addressed at that time in order to correct and make a warranted lifetime labor installation.