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3 Steps for Spotless Windows

Congratulations! After all of the planning, choosing, and installation, your brand new windows are finally in place. They look gorgeous, they’ve transformed the way your home looks inside and out, and they’re everything you had hoped they would be.

The only question is: How do you go about keeping them clean?

Having spotless windows is not as hard as you may think. With just a little bit of patience and the right products, you can ensure that your new windows continue to look as pristine as the day they were installed. Just follow these tips, courtesy of our team here at Tom Adams Windows and Carpets.

1. Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

First off, you want to tackle your windows with the right kind of solution. For a window-grime-fighting concoction that’ll really do the trick, mix warm water with some vinegar and dishwashing liquid. The acidity of the vinegar helps break up all of the dust, dirt, and other muck, while the dishwashing liquid will provide you with the suds and lubrication you need.

2. Reach for the Squeegee

Have you ever wondered why you’re always seeing professional window cleaners using squeegees? Honestly, it’s because they work. Once you’ve created your window cleaning solution, grab your squeegee, dip it into the mixture, and begin washing away! Once you have finished with a window, wash out your squeegee and use it to remove any solution that remains on the pane.

Pro tip: Always remember to keep a dry cloth or towel on hand to mop up any excess water on the window ledge.

3. Finish Up with a Microfiber Cloth

Once you’ve squeegeed away as much of the water as you can, grab a microfiber cloth and use it to put the last touches on your cleaning job for a sparkling clean result.

However, make a mental note to leave the microfiber aside until you’ve squeegeed off as much of the moisture as possible. Otherwise, your microfiber cloth could end up leaving streaks on the window pane, and leave you with a less-than-ideal result.

To learn more about our services, such as siding installation in Doylestown and wood floor installation for Doylestown residents, give our crew at Tom Adams Windows and Carpets a call today!

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