Our biggest and best 68th anniversary sale!
Our Biggest and Best 68th Anniversary Sale

Residential Floor Installation Services Near You

Residential flooring installation can be of any type of hardwood, tile, or carpet installation. Carpet installations include plush, patterned, berbers, prints, woven, or Axminster for any room in the home or even runners for the stairs. Hard surface floor installation services include hardwood, laminate flooring, luxury vinyl plank, floc ceramic tile, floor or wall tile, vinyl tile, or vinyl sheet goods.

The newest and most popular category is waterproof flooring which could be any of the above flooring that is not affected by spilled water or even steam from a bathroom shower.

Ask about our collection of LOW V.O.C. flooring – Great for your health, and a guard for allergies and other health symptoms that are caused because of odor.

Ask your Professional Tom Adam Associate for details on which floor best suite your lifestyle.

Residential Flooring Installation Service

Discover top-quality brand name flooring at unbeatable prices. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that your unique project receives the attention it deserves. We guarantee the expertise of qualified installers to handle all aspects of residential flooring installation, including carpet, tile, vinyl, and hardwood floors. We take pride in offering exclusive lifetime warranties on both our products and services.

For over 60 years, Tom Adams has been the trusted choice for homeowners seeking premium residential flooring solutions in Doylestown, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Lehigh Valley, and the Philadelphia surrounding areas. We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, helping you find the perfect floor that aligns with both your home aesthetics and budget. Call now to learn about our weekly specials and how Tom Adams can satisfy your flooring needs!

These are made of maple, hickory, oak, exotic Brazilian cherry, walnut, tigerwood, and many other natural materials. Each kind of wood will give your floor a unique look and comfortable feeling. They can come in a variety of colors and are becoming more affordable and easier to maintain. It is an excellent alternative to carpets, especially if you have pets or allergies. Our hardwood floors are now being made with sophisticated techniques, so they give both an old world charm and a timeless look.

You can choose from a variety of colors, widths, thicknesses, stains, and wood types, creating the perfect custom look for your home. We also offer wood accent strips and medallions as well as hardwood created from natural products, such as bamboo, historic woods, and cork. Boards can be arranged in a variety of ways, creating unique appearances. The flooring can be customized with different colors, finishes, and urethane coatings for added value.

The Newest in Laminate floors offers a LOW V.O.C. rating as well as a hard surface that resist pets nails, dents, and water spills that may permeate from the top. Wider widths and texture you can feel and see, makes today’s waterproof laminate flooring a forever floor for a family that is tough on flooring.

Our tile products are available in a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and sizes. With our large selection, you can mix and match tiles to create the perfect custom look for your home. A ceramic tile installation will give your room an entirely new look, making it appear clean and modern.

Residential vinyl flooring and tile give you the look of wood and stone with incredible ease of maintenance. It is stain-resistant and easy to keep clean. It will give the look of large ceramic tiles or the warmth of hardwood without the dents or scratches that are often caused by children, pets, or heavy traffic.

Cortec Flooring, Mohawk Solid Tech, or Pergo Extreme flooring gives you a durable and realistic, dent resistant, click installation floating floor that is Waterproof from any topical spill.

We display a large collection of carpet and runners made from some of the best carpet made in America. Shaw, Tuftex- Anderson, Mohawk, Stanton, Shaw, Dream Weaver, and Engineered Floors just to name a few. Tom Adams offers a 60 day, carpet only replacement if the color or style does not work for your taste. Our carpet has a LIFETIME INSTALLATION WARRANTY on seams and against carpet wrinkles. Ask about the newest LOW to Zero V.O.C. carpet.
Carpet has never been made more together, stain-resistant, and softer than today’s carpets installed by Tom Adams.

At Tom Adams, our goal is to give our customers a professional opinion of the best products available. Our goal is based on providing the best quality at the lowest prices. We value our customers’ opinions and use this feedback to continue to improve our services.

If you are looking to change your floor covering. Tom Adams has the selection and service to help you beautify your home without breaking your budget. Our company offers top quality floor installation service at various price points, as well as free measuring. We offer a lifetime installation warranty on most products. Come see the top residential flooring products made in America, including Armstrong, Mannington, Bruce, DalTile, Shaw, Mohawk, Patcraft, Roppe and more, for your Doylestown, Bucks County, Montgomery County or Lehigh Valley home.

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Types of Flooring For Sale

Today’s flooring can protect your home against stains, spills, wear, anti-static, shedding, in every type of flooring from Carpet, Hardwood, Vinyl Plank, Vinyl Sheet, and Ceramic Tile Floors and Walls. Stop by one of our 3 designer showrooms and see for yourself. Get a Free Measurement and 12 month Financing, subject to credit approval.



Hardwood Flooring for Churchville,Doylestown, Whitehall & Southampton, PA

At Tom Adams, you will find the major hardwood manufacturers on display, like Armstrong, Bruce, Mullican, Mannington, L&M Hardwood, Chelsea Hardwood, Mercier, Mohawk Hardwood, Shaw and more. We offer competitive pricing, outstanding customer service and award-winning wood floor installation team that will meet the needs of each unique designed hardwood floor project.

For over 60 years, we’ve been providing homeowners throughout Churchville, Doylestown, Whitehall & Southampton, PA with the best quality products and warranties in the industry. We value our customers and will help you find the right floor that meets the demands of your lifestyle and budget. Our sales associates have been trained to recognize and assist in choosing the right style, hardwood species and color to coordinate with your home’s design and flow. Call us today to find out about our flooring specials and in-stock deals that will meet your needs and budget.

CLICK HERE to discuss your flooring ideas with a Tom Adams associate. Come to one of our three designer showrooms and schedule a FREE IN-HOME MEASUREMENT.

Hardwood flooring has been around since the begining of time. In todays style, we have available many species of hardwood flooring, from Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Maple, Walnut, Birch, Hickory to exotic woods like Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood and many more species. Each species comes in different colors and graining. All can be stained from lighter to darker colors. Some have a wide range of different colors and some are very uniform in appearance. Hardwood is both prestigious as well as unique. No two wood planks are alike which makes the character of wood even more desirable. Planks can be narrow or wide, short or long or combines for a unique look. There are many finishes that can be applied on hardwood that makes it shiny or dull, based on the homeowners preference.

Hardwood can be installed by nailing, glueing or floating and work in every room of the house. Ask a professional from Tom Adams to guide you, to ensure that the correct hardwood type and species are installed in the correct room of the home, that can handle the traffic and family life conditions.

Solid hardwood refers to planks that are cut from the tree in one solid piece. It is an extremely popular flooring due to its authenticity and has a timelessness that cannot be overstated. However, as a natural material, solid hardwood is slightly more fragile, requiring gentler treatment throughout its entire life. Solid hardwood must be properly acclimated, installed, and cared for to truly look its best, but many buyers agree that the results are worth the effort.

Engineered hardwood is real wood flooring that is produced in layers and bonded together perpendicular to each layer’s graining. In doing this, you achieve strength and stabilization of the products in regards to water, moisture and humidity in comparison to a solid hardwood floor. Engineered hardwood can be made in longer more consistent planks and wider widths that are warp-resistant, waterproof and more economical than a solid wood floor installation. Engineered hardwood floors can be glued down, click, or tongue and groove glued floated or nailed/stapled down based on the subfloor, condition of the subfloor and selected product.

More homeowners and builders are using engineered floors to minimize the complaints of swelling and gapping in solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood offers a more extensive selection of wide widths, color, texture, species, and grading in a pre-finished hardwood.

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01. Naildown or Staple

The use of blind nailing in wood floor installations hides the sight of nails or staples in the face of the hardwood and secures the hardwood to the subfloor. Nailing every 4″-10” can vary on the product and width of hardwood. When installing 6” or wider glue may be used to help secure and stabilize from floor movement. Subfloor must be OSB board or plywood for warrantied installation.

02. Glue Down

Gluing down hardwood is one of the most durable wood floor installation methods because boards are completely and permanently adhered to the floor. Squeaks and noises are unlikely, and the glue offers enough flex to accommodate expansion.

03. Click Lock

Hardwood, Laminate, LVT are sometimes manufactured with a click lock. Two sections are clicked and locked firmly together to one another. There is no need for glues along with the mess or smell. Click lock floors are not attached to the subfloor, and special trim and transitions may be needed. These floors are easy to replace or repair if needed. A small space covered by shoe molding is left around the perimeter for expansion and contraction. The need for old floor removal or a new subfloor may be eliminated along with the extra cost and mess. Must have a smooth subfloor on plywood or concrete, above/on or below grade.

Style -Width -Texture -Color

Hardwood comes in many species, widths, and textures. Twenty years ago, 2 1/4″ and 3″ width was the norm in the design of a hardwood floor. In today’s home, the plank look in 5″, 8” and even 10″ wide have taken over the home along with an open concept. Wider wood show more wood and fewer bevels and linear lines. Wider woods work with traditional, contemporary or rustic designs of the home.

Hand scraped, wire brush, splits, and knots are just some of the terms of the wood being sold today. The more texture and less gloss hide the marks, dents, and scratches that a busy household of kids and pets can show on your hardwood floors. Old world charm is back and works with all types of homes.

Hardwood is not just gunstock, butterscotch and natural anymore. Dark browns, blacks, greys, blues, and whites are now available in a variety of styles and colors. Many species like Brazilian cherry and walnut along with maples and ash are popular in a natural look. Grading of wood adds to the character of the wood, by the addition of knots and mineral streaks that give more or less character to the wood. Remember all woods work together in a harmony of nature and appearance.

The beauty and prestige of hardwood are a forever look from the beginning of homes and castles to your loft, townhouse or house. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our professional hardwood flooring installations in Churchville, Doylestown, Whitehall & Southampton, PA.

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