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50% off Window Installation Sale
Now til April 5, 2020

An elegant upgrade, a lower monthly energy bill, added protection from icy winds — these are all great reasons to consider a custom window replacement in Montgomery County, or wherever you live. We carry an extensive selection of windows from some of the best manufacturers in the business. When you order a custom window from Tom Adams, you will have so many options to choose from that we guarantee you’ll find something that suits your home, as well as your personal taste. You can choose:

  • The Style – Double Hung, Bow & Bay Windows, and More are Included!
  • The Color
  • The Size
  • The Shape
  • The Material

Important Note: Be sure to remember that you can only benefit from this incredible deal if you buy five windows or more for your home, so if you’re considering a large-scale project, this is an excellent time to act!

Don’t Miss Any Updates!

We are still offering all our products at competitive prices. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop. Tom Adams’ is offering 3 Year – No Deposit, No Interest Financing on all products with approval from Synchrony Financing. Click here to apply for financing!

Why Choose Tom Adams for Your Next Project?

Here at Tom Adams Windows and Carpets, you won’t just receive some of the best deals on home improvement projects like custom window replacements for your Lehigh County residence. You will also benefit from sixty years of experience and integrity. We have also won Excellence in Installation and Customer Service from Window and Door Magazine. You can check out our blog on that here! If you have any questions about Tom Adams Windows and Carpets, you can check out our FREE E-Book as well.

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In Stock Windows, Doors, Floors, and Financing

Tom Adams has In Stock many different styles and colors of carpet. We stock Builder Grade Carpet, Plush Value Grade, Premium Thick Patterns, Berbers, and Plushes. Don’t forget we also stock, sell, and install commercial flooring too. Tom Adams stocks Hardwood flooring, Remnants, and rolls of flooring to fit any budget.

Looking for Bows, Bays, or Windows of many styles, shapes, and types? We have that In Stock too! Call our Southampton Outlet to find out what we have in stock and Save 50% in Retail everydayGreat for DIY Home Owners, House Flippers, or Contractors.

Looking to Finish Your Project, but Out of Pocket Expense is High?

Tom Adams offers No Deposit – No Interest Financing from Synchrony — Click Here to Fill Out A Financial Application

Beautify your home and lower your energy costs with new Bucks County Windows, Doors or Siding – let one of our professional Tom Adams associates come to your home for a Free in Home Estimate.