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Tom Adams stands behind the BEST in American made windows. We sell and install Marvin Windows and Doors, Provia Windows and Doors, Slocumb Windows and Doors and many more.

Our company is committed to award-winning installation along with superior service and a “No One Beats Our Price Warranty.” Tom Adams will always be your best choice for home-improvement of your windows, doors, siding and flooring.

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“Excellent service! The team did a great job. Door was installed very fast, accurate and they left absolutely no mess. Five stars!”

Types of Windows

Windows come in many styles and types – When you meet with one of our window specialists they will show you the best window in quality, design, and budget for your home.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are made with the top sash slides down and the bottom sash slides up in order to get best air infiltration. Their best feature is that both sashes have the ability to tilt-in and open. It was designed this way to make the outside glass accessible from the inside, making it easy to clean. Double hung windows come with either standard half screen or optional full screen to protect your home from insects while enjoying the fresh air. There are many options available from inside color, outside color, and hardware for easy opening or secure protection on locks. Double hung windows are easy to operate, easy to clean and have a traditional look from both the inside and outside. They are energy efficient and their air tight seal makes the double hung window a most popular choice amongst homeowners.


Double hung windows are available in wood, composite wood, fiberglass and vinyl.

Bay or Bow Windows

Bow and Bay windows are combinations of pictures, casements, and double-hung windows that project outward from a home. Windows add space, volume, and light to a room. Windows are made to be energy efficient and give an array of decorative and performance options. Replacing traditional flat windows, or cutting a hole in a wall to install a window, which means dramatically changing a room without major remodeling. windows are custom made to fit the opening and have a custom roof or capped to soffit, based on your house needs and design. Changing the size of the middle picture window to increase the visibility of your yard or changing the flanker windows on each to increase air infiltration. The interior and header seat is usually made of either birch or oak wood. Provia can stain or paint the wood to match any window or stain similar to your existing hardwood trim, door, or cabinets. Functionality, beauty, and unique design options make a Bay or Bow window a fantastic option for your home. Our multiple product lines offer an extensive array of sizes, styles, and options. Expand your living space and home with a new Provia or Slocub Bow or Bay window from Tom Adams.

Bay Windows usually have an inside angle of 90, 120, 135, or 150 degrees. Bay Windows were used even back in medieval times and up to the baroque era are oriel windows. Bay Windows considered as a highly ornamented addition to a home. Back in times Bay Windows used to have outstanding spiritual and religious background history where most of the ancient building always had Bay Windows with altar or certain resemblance of their church or temple. This was always the best choice for many buildings because Bay Windows maximize light source and have attractive appearance in style and shape. Unlike a regular window, a Bay Window captures light and views from three angles. Bays were chosen by Victorian architectures in the Britain back in the 1870s and are still considered to be the most appealing type of window to this day.

A Bay Window makes a perfect combination of casement, double hung, and picture window. A Bay Window is excellent addition to your living room that will admit beautiful sun light and display charm of the garden inside your home. Bay window’s size and shape can add a beautiful view and ambience to any room.

At Tom Adams Windows and Carpets we have a large selection of energy efficient Bay Windows that come in large variety of sizes, materials, and exterior colors. Choose your Bay Window in rectangular or polygonal shape which is made of fiberglass, wood, or vinyl materials with the Highest Standard of Quality and Energy Efficiency.

Ooops, your neighbor’s child threw a baseball through your Bay Window glass. Don’t worry, Provia windows have a LIFETIME GLASS BREAKAGE WARRANTY. That’s right- All of our Provia windows come with a Lifetime window and Glass breakage warranty – See Provia’s warranty for details.

Vinyl Windows

Energy-Efficient Windows for Churchville, Doylestown, Whitehall & Southampton, PA


Our premium vinyl windows are made to be durable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. They are available in your choice of optional exterior colors to coordinate with your home. Interior colors and wood grain finishes can bring warmth to your interior walls and design. The standard painters white is always available for that clean, no maintenance window. Such options and standards like foam filling installation in window frames. Triple insulation along with a top rail re-enforcement built in the bottom sash to enhance the strength. There are many different options regarding energy-efficient windows starting at dual R-5 Dual pane glass with a U-.22 triple low –E efficient. Optional interior grids or SDL grids with standard half or optional fullscreen are always available. Strength, beauty, low maintenance, and budget-friendly make the vinyl window an excellent choice for your home. They come with a lifetime product warranty along with our exclusive Tom Adams Lifetime Labor Warranty to ensure the protection of your home. Tom Adams certified window installations are needed to activate our Lifetime Labor Warranty, with its optional transferable warranty. Our team is proud to serve throughout Churchville, Doylestown, Whitehall & Southampton, PA.


Based on your budget, desired options and energy efficiency you will have a choice of 10 different vinyl windows products

Wood Windows

Replacing the wood charm of your old windows doesn’t mean you have to lose the beauty and richness of wood because you need and want an energy-efficient window. Wood windows from Marvin come in all window styles, from Double Hung Windows, Casement Windows, Picture Windows, Awning Windows, and Shapes, both in New Construction and Replacement Installation. Choose from many species of wood available in the Signature Series, Elevate Series, or Essential Series. Look over Aeris Wood Windows from Provia, whose many types and species com PRE-STAINED from the factory, for a rich and beautiful look. Also, save your time and money for hiring a professional painter. Also, you can have Provia paint in almost 500 custom or 28 standard colors.

The milling details range from a historic look to a traditional or contemporary style and finish that will enhance your home and furniture. Choose from Marvin windows and Doors or Provia Windows and Doors, Quality that last a LIFETIME. Solid wood construction, low-maintenance exteriors, and energy efficient designs combine to create an unmatched level of quality that you can see and feel for yourself. Add our certified installation that comes with a twenty-year manufacturer warranty and a LIFETIME WARRANTY. See your Tom Adams Sales Associate for details. 

Fiberglass Windows

The Best Fiberglass windows are manufactured by Marvin Windows. The windows are made of Ultrex, which is a pultruded fiberglass. This process was invented and patented by Marvin Windows nearly 20 years ago when Marvin pioneered the fiberglass window industry. Marvin Windows has led the industry since then and its commitment to a product that is tough, smart-looking, long-lasting, and 100% worry-free.


Ultrex fiberglass windows are durable, strong, stable, maintenance free, and efficient. Marvin has 2 types of fiberglass windows. The ELEVATE SERIES which is fiberglass on the outside and a solid wood interior or the ESSENTIAL SERIES which is fiberglass for exterior and interior, making both a perfect window choice for your home. While other windows might break, or crack over time, Ultrex Fiberglass windows hold strong and perform under great stress without showing age or wear. They outperform roll-form aluminum and vinyl/wood composites in virtually every measurable category.


Ultrex fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl and resists warping and fading, even in extreme weather conditions. Your choice of a wood interior or a super strength fiberglass interior gives a traditional style and meets high performance in this evolution of the classic turn-of-the-century window. Its clean, balanced design is ideal for second-floor bedrooms and looks great with interior shutters. Double Hung fiberglass windows combine nicely with picture windows. No need for thick rails of wood or vinyl, the future is here. Ultrex Fiberglass Windows by Marvin Windows and Doors, distributed by Tom Admas Windows and Carpets. Compare us to Anderson or Pella, the difference is obvious, pick any Marvin Series, and let’s get it installed by a certified Tom Adams Window team.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a very popular choice amongst homeowners because they provide a clear open view to the outdoors. Since casement windows open and close easily with the turn of a handle, they’re a great option for areas behind sinks and counters. There are many different product lines, styles, and options available to best fit your needs. Casement windows are hinged on the side and open outward to the left or right. Usually taller than wide, their entire sash opens to provide optimal top-to-bottom ventilation. They were designed to suit virtually any application. Casement windows come with many options for grids, hardware, and type of casement. Casement windows are our most energy-efficient and ventilating window style.


Casement windows are available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are stationary, square, rectangular, or odd-shaped. These windows are non-opening windows that allow maximum amounts of light into the room, but no air infiltration. Picture windows are great to feature a large fixed window or Wall of Windows that can be combined with double-hung, casement, or shape windows to accent an opening or create a dramatic appearance in your home. Optional grids, styles, and designs are available to coordinate the design with other windows in your home.


Picture windows are available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl.

Shapes Windows

Shape Windows are usually picture windows, non-operative windows. There are many shapes from square to circle, to octagon, and triangle. The goal is to create drama and add the addition of light into the home. No matter the shape, the additional window will create texture, design, and open the outdoors in your home. The creation of shape along with the outdoor scenery creates a peaceful place to observe and enjoy nature. Create a traditional half circle above a double-hung window or a circular picture window that creates a modern look. No matter your fashion – traditional, modern, industrial, or transitional, a shaped window enhancing the appearance to a one of a kind design. Only your budget and imagination becomes your limitation.


Shape picture windows are available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl.

FlexScreen Windows

Tom Adams Windows & Carpets is happy to announce that we are now selling, measuring, and installing FlexScreen for our customers.


FlexScreen is the World’s First Flexible Screen. Here are a few reasons you should change your old, torn window screens:

The FlexScreen’s revolutionary design utilizes a PVC coated, high-performance spring steel frame. However, innovation does not need to be complex, so you will not find unnecessary attachment hardware on FlexScreen. It is also availble in Full or Half Size and is custom built to fit your window perfectly.

Tired of bent aluminum frames, scratched paint, and broken hardware? FlexScreen built a window screen that can be thrown from the top of a five-story building without being damaged.

FlexScreen hides in the window screen pocket, drastically improving sight lines and eliminating the need for color matching. Your windows will never look better.

Award-Winning Service

Tom Adams Windows and Carpets is proud to have an award winning installation team. Tom Adams has won Excellence in Installation and Customer Service from Window and Door Magazine. This National trade magazine has recognized Tom Adams Windows and Carpets by awarding us the prestigious “Dealer of the Year – Excellence in Installation and Excellence in Customer Service.” This is a first for any window and door retailer in the Tri-State Area.

Our Collection of Awards for Customer Service and Installation show our customers that we care. We care about the beauty and the performance of the Windows, Doors, and Floors that we install in your home.

Tom Adams has won countless awards for Best Installation, Service, and Product Selection. We have won awards from:

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“Excellent service! The team did a great job. Door was installed very fast, accurate and they left absolutely no mess. Five stars!”

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