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5 Signs You Need a New Door

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Although the front door is one of the first things people see when entering a home, many homeowners still tend to forget about its upkeep and eventual replacement. However, all doors inevitably have a lifespan, and looking for signs of wear and tear is critical. Otherwise, your old door may begin to show its years, not to mention let in more than it keeps out. If you see any of the following issues with your home’s doors, it might be time to begin looking for some new doors for your Bucks County home.

1. You Have a Draft

Drafts are a major signal that a door needs a replacement. When the seals around your door age over time, they can shrink or crack. If you’ve been noticing your house get colder at night than usual, you might need to call the pros.

2. Squeaky Hinges

Squeaky door hinges are more than just irritating — they’re also a cry for proper care. Maintenance and oiling can take you so far, but ultimately, hinges that are starting to wear down are a signal that the whole door may not be far behind; not to mention that loose hinges can be easily forced open, creating a safety hazard for your home.

3. Visible Cracks

If you see any visible cracks in your door, don’t wait another day to begin shopping for a replacement. Not only do door cracks allow in air drafts and bugs, but they’re an indication that the current door is structurally weak, posing a safety risk for you and your family.

4. Warping and Sagging

If your door scrapes along the ground or floor when you open or close it, you should have it examined. Older doors can often sag or warp, causing damage to your floor each time you use your door. Any patio doors that scrape in their tracks should be checked as well.

5. Bugs & Pests

If you’re encountering an excessive amount of ants or other pests indoors, they may be getting in right through your front door! Doors that do not close properly can let in spiders and insects, which are not only unwelcome but can also cause damage or carry bacteria into your house.

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