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5 Ways to Deck Out Your Deck

At Tom Adams Windows & Carpet, we understand the ins and outs of interior and exterior home improvement. After installing a new deck, many homeowners go through what we refer to as “deck-paralysis.” That’s when you’re standing there staring at an empty deck, asking yourself: “What do I do next?” The next step is to transform the deck into a personalized part of your home!


Plants are perfect for expressing your personality on a deck because there are so many options to choose from. You can get potted plants, hanging plants, or you can even start a deck garden. The whole family can help you pick out plants and find fun ways to put them on display!


What better way to chill out during warm weather than with a fine hammock on your deck? You can purchase hammocks that come with stands, or you can even buy them without stands and attach the ends to high-rising structures built into your deck. Moreover, you can integrate hammocks with other decorations you have on the deck.


Hammocks and awnings go together like peanut butter and jelly! A retractable awning is perfect for decks because it allows you to choose when you want shade on your deck. Put the hammock under the awning and show the sun who calls the shots. Oh, and our Sunair awnings can also reduce heat gain into homes by up to 77%, which can significantly reduce your energy costs!

Barbecue Grill

Get yourself a grill if you’re into having cookouts with your friends and family. Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? Having a grill on the deck is ideal because you have easy access to the inside of your home, which means easy access to the kitchen.

Picnic Table

Of course, if you have a grill on the deck, you’re gonna need somewhere to eat! Find a nice picnic table to match the theme of your deck, and your outdoor living space will truly start to feel like a part of your home.

From new decks and siding installation in Doylestown to front door replacements in Southampton, we handle home improvement projects with true professionalism. Give us a call for help with your next project!

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