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Bay Windows vs. Bow Windows:  What’s the Difference?

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Bay windows and bow windows. They sound pretty much the same, but there are a few basic differences. In this blog, we will tell you everything to know about the difference between bay windows and bow windows.

Bay Windows: What You Need to Know


Here are all the details on bay windows.


What Is a Bay Window?


Bay windows are three-sectioned windows that protrude outward from the house. The center section, a picture window, is surrounded by different styles on either side. Usually, both sides mirror one another and are the same style. Bay windows are also canted, meaning they have an angled or oblique line with a surface that cuts off a corner at most commonly 45 or 90 degrees.


When Is a Bay Window a Good Idea?


A bay window is a good idea when you want to extend your space for a a breakfast nook, or give the look of a bigger room. tomsBay windows are also great for adding long drapes to create a vertical emphasis to make the room look bigger, or to add a work desk by using the abundance of natural light that a bay window allows.


Pros of Bay Windows


Why choose a bay window?




Bay windows can add a distinctive look to the exterior of your home. These windows can also add value in square footage and curb appeal. This can significantly increase your property value.




When a bay window is installed, the interior of the room is opened up. This allows for the room to look bigger in size and also allows you to utilize your extra space in various different ways.  Some options for using your new space include nooks, reading spaces or window seats. Just simply adding long drapes can also create a vertical emphasis that makes the room look bigger.




Bay windows add tons of natural light. Normal windows only allow light in from one angle, whereas bay windows allow sunlight from three different sides to enter your home. 




Maintenance costs of bay windows can be lower than normal paned windows and are strong, durable and weather resistant.


Cons of Bay Windows


Why decide against a bay window?

Exterior Space


A bay window takes away exterior space as the window extends further out than the wall.


Too Much Light


In some instances, depending on the room you are installing the bay window on, it may allow too much light into your home. This can be great when its colder, but during the summer months this may cause your air conditioner to work harder.

Window Treatments


Bay windows may require you to get custom draperies t, which can be costly. However, if you invest in high-quality draperies, this can be a one-time cost.

Bow Windows: What You Need to Know


Here are the details on bow windows.


What Is a Bow Window?


A bow window is a curved bay window. Bow windows are designed to create space by projecting beyond the exterior wall of a building, and to provide a wider view of the garden or street outside and typically combine four or more windows, which join to form an arch, differentiating them from the more common and often three-sided bay window. Casement windows are often used.


When Is a Bow Window a Good Idea?


Bow windows are a good idea when you want to increase space, improve your view, and improve the overall look of your home. Bow windows also allow for variation in size and can improve the lighting in the room, making it look larger than a bay window could.


Pros of Bow Windows


Why choose a bow window?



Bow windows allow for much more viewing than bay windows. With bow windows you are able to receive views from two sides of the home.



Bow windows allow more light into the home because they have more panes.



Typically, casement windows, bow windows can open and close where bay windows cannot.  This allows for much more ventilation.

Cons of Bow Windows


Why decide against a bow window?



Installation is much more complex than that of bay windows. Both options require you to widen existing window openings and ensure the wall can support the added weight of these window styles, which are heavier than flat windows. Between the two, bow windows are heavier and harder to install.


Where Can I Buy Bay & Bow Windows Near Me?


Functionality, beauty, and unique design options make a bay or bow window a fantastic option for your home. At Tom Adams Windows and Carpets, our multiple product lines offer an extensive array of sizes, styles, and options. Expand your living space and home with a new Provia or Slocub bow or bay window from Tom Adams. Get a free quote today.

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