Bay Windows vs. Bow Windows

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It’s pretty easy to decide on double hung windows for most of your house. When it comes to your living room, bay and bow windows provide a different atmosphere that homeowners love. They seem very similar when looking at them but they have different functions and qualities.


Bay windows have 3 openings – usually the center window being a picture window while the windows on each side of the picture window is a double hung or casement window. Bow windows have 4 to 6 openings with each window being the same size and having the same function (such as all are picture, double hung, or casement windows).

When comparing the style, bay windows aren’t as wide as bow windows. Since bow windows are wider, they allow for more lighting to come into a space. Even though they provide more lighting, bow windows provide the illusion of more space since they protrude out of the home more.


Bay and bow windows are more expensive than regular double hung windows. When comparing both windows, bow windows are more expensive to install. Their installation is more complicated than bay windows are and you are getting more windows than a typical bay window. You want to make sure you hire a professional (such as Tom Adams Windows and Carpets) to install your windows. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our window installations so you can rest assured that your bay or bow window will be taken care of.


Bay windows and bow windows have many differences but their similarities can make it hard to choose between the two. Though the cost of installation is different, both windows are energy star certified (when bought from Tom Adams Windows and Carpets). These windows will save you money on your energy bill. You also have the option of choosing from picture, double hung, or casement windows (or a combination of them). Bay windows and bow windows are available in wood, fiberglass or vinyl.

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Tom Adams Windows and Carpets have specialized in bay window installations and bow window installations in Buck County, Pennsylvania for 66 years. We offer lifetime warranties and transferable warranties on all our window installations. Call your local showroom today or contact us here.

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