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Do My Screens Need to be Replaced?

Your windows are only as efficient as their components, including your screens. Screens help to keep bugs, dust, leaves, and other debris from coming inside your home while your windows are open. They can even be a safety feature of sorts, keeping small pets and children inside. However, many homeowners often push old, worn-out screens to the back of the to-do list until they absolutely must be replaced. We’ve outlined some of the ways that you can tell when it is time to get some new screens installed.

Difficulty Opening/Closing Windows

If you have a window that catches when you try to open or close it, it’s not necessarily a problem with the window itself. Screens that have been warped or damaged can make it tricky to get a window to open or close properly. Next time your window snags, check the screen’s condition. Visible damages should warrant a replacement.

Visible Damages

Screens that are shredded, riddled with holes, or falling apart should always be replaced. These are more than just an unfortunate eyesore; compromised screens can actually make it easier for burglars to get into your home through a window. Even tiny holes can become bigger issues in no time, so it is better to resolve this sooner rather than later.

Shiny Appearance

Naturally, the sun will cause window screens to age and fade. Shiny screens indicate a long period of sun
exposure, which can make them weak. Shiny screens could be in danger of breaking away from the
window frame and coming off entirely.

Increase in Outside Sounds

Window screens can help you block out sounds coming from outside, almost like a natural sound
barrier. Large rips or tears in screens allow sound waves to carry further without interference, so you may end up hearing more distances outside than what you do typically.

Spending More on Energy Bills

Most homeowners pay close attention to what they are spending on energy bills each month, especially in times of extreme heat or cold. If you see that you are steadily paying more each month on your energy bills, this could indicate an issue with your screens or your windows in general.


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