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Our Biggest and Best 68th Anniversary Sale

How Can I Tell If I Need New Windows?

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Unlike much of the furniture and appliances in your home, figuring out when you need to replace your windows is not always easy. Aside from obvious damage, knowing when to call it quits on your windows may require a little more investigation.

Are you looking for some tips and advice on how to spot whether your window might be dud? Courtesy of Tom Adams Windows & Carpets, your source for expert window installation service in Montgomery County, have a look at our list of telltale signs your windows may need to go out the door:

1. You have high energy bills

If you’ve been noticing your energy bills inch increasingly higher, your windows may be at fault. Old or damaged windows could be letting out warm air and inviting in drafts from the outdoors, causing you to waste energy and money on your heating. If you suspect that your windows aren’t as airtight as they should be, it may be time for a replacement.

2. Opening and closing your windows is difficult

If you want to do a general check-up on your windows, try going around to each window in your home and opening and closing it. Your windows should move smoothly without any effort. If you find yourself putting up a struggle with some of your windows, you may want to consider changing them out.

3. The frames are decaying or leaking

Decay in windows is caused by the buildup of moisture over time, resulting in rotting in the frames. Such decay is often the cause of leaks in your windows as well. Although there are temporary measures you can take if you’re experiencing minor leaks, ultimately the decay that’s at the root of the problem can’t be undone, which means that a full replacement is probably in the cards. Tom Adams Windows & Carpets is your local expert when it comes to window installation service in Bucks County. If you have any questions about our team’s services, or if you would like to set up an appointment, feel free to give us a call at one of our locations today!

4. My Windows are Foggy

Many homeowners have foggy windows from the inside of their double pane windows; that means no matter how much you try to clean the glass, the fog inside remains the same. If fog reaches in between the glass frames the windows are unrepairable and need to be replaced. The fog is caused from moisture that leaks in the air space meaning it has contaminated the space with moisture and possible mold. Please check with the manufacturer for possible warranty recourse to replace the bad glass. Look for Tom Adams’ Provia Windows as a replacement- They carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY against glass failure or glass breakage.

5. I have Single Pane Glass or Aluminum Windows

Energy efficient windows are so important, especially in the northeast. As the cold winter rolls down from Canada, your heaters have to work extra hard just to keep your home comfortably warm. Our homes need double pane windows to insulate the home from the cold outside. You also need low e glass to prevent your home from heating up too high in the summer and forcing your air conditioning units to burn out and need replacing. Having energy efficient windows will save you thousands in repairs and bills from your heating and air condition company, not to mention the monthly savings from you energy provider. Ask your Tom Adams specialist for the best products for your home.

6. My Windows are the Original Windows from the Builder

You would hope that when you bought your home, that the windows and doors installed by the builder are high quality and energy efficient. Most the time you would be wrong! Almost all builders, except custom homes, have standard single or double hung windows. That rate approx. a .35 or higher U-RATING. This is not a good energy efficient number. In the northeast you should have a minimum of .28 U-RATING. The lower the number the better.

Most builders will let you upgrade flooring, appliances, and even lighting. But most do not talk about or give you the opportunity to make your home more energy efficient. The builder just wants to get the house to the homeowners at the lowest possible price. The thought of windows and doors become secondary to the sale of the home. So if you want to reclaim your home to be an Energy mizer — then contact you Tom Adams Windows specialist to discuss builder Vinyl New Construction Windows and why you should replace them.

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