Make These 5 Common Holiday Carpet Stains Disappear

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Nobody likes a dirty carpet, but accidents happen. To keep your carpets clean on a daily basis while holiday entertaining is a challenge. Here are 5 common carpet stains that will most likely happen at some time during the holiday season and how to remove them.

Pine Sap

1) Let the pine tar dry
2) Blot area with rubbing alcohol
3) Blot with warm water + a few drops of dish soap
4) The stain should begin to lift
5) Wet a washcloth with cold water
6) Gently wash the stain

Red Wine

1) Blot with a white cloth
2) Dilute with cold water & continue to blot
3) Sprinkle salt over wet stain & gently press into carpet
4) Leave salt overnight
5) Remove pressed-in salt with a cloth
6) Vacuum to get rid of remaining salt


1) Blot away excess butter
2) Mix 1/4 tsp. clear dishwashing liquid + 1 cup warm water
3) Apply mixture
4) Let sit for 3 to 5 minutes
5) Blot with damp towel
6) Apply weighted pad of white paper towels


1) Scrape off any excess gravy
2) Sprinkle baking soda & leave for 10 to 15 minutes
3) Vacuum
4) Mix warm water + dishwashing liquid
5) Blot stain with mixture
6) Sponge stained area with cold water

Candle Wax

1) Place an ice pack on the wax
2) Scrape off the frozen wax with a butter knife
3) Place a paper bag on the wax & gently iron on high
4) Clean remaining stains with rubbing alcohol
5) Blot with a clean cloth

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