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ProVia Door Maintenance


Signet Fiberglass Entry Door

Tips on How to Keep Your ProVia Entry Door Looking Beautiful for Years to Come
  1. To clean doors, wash with mild soap and water, rinse with clear water and wipe dry. 
  2. Keep weatherstrip clean of dirt and grit for proper seal. Wash with mild soap and water, rinse with clear water and wipe dry. Apply a light coat of wax and wipe off excess. 
  3. For scuff marks on painted finishes, use mild liquid cleanser, rinse with clear water and wipe dry. 
  4. If finish is accidentally scratched or chipped, clean as recommended above and use touch-up paint supplied by Tom Adams or standard wood finish repair crayon. 
  1. Much like sterling silver even the finest brass will react naturally to the elements surrounding it. To maintain, polish with a nonabrasive automotive or furniture wax. By keeping your hardware cleaned and maintained you will be rewarded with a long-lasting finish.
  2. Tighten screws on lockset and hinges when necessary as neded. 
  3. Lightly oil hinges as needed. Wipe off excess. 

DO NOT USE paint thinners, lacquer thinner, gasoline, kerosene, Murphy’s Oil Soap or any other harsh chemical to clean surfaces of door or hardware.

A Tip From Our Service Manager

Never Power Wash doors or windows or use harsh powders like Comet, Spic and Span, Soft Scrub- they may scratch and hurt paint, stain or weather stripping.

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