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Should I Buy a Wood, Fiberglass or Steel Front Door?

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Whether you’re looking for a new home or building one of your own, an often-overlooked featured that always sets one house apart from another is its front door. It sets the atmosphere for your home, and it’s one of the first features any visitor to your home will interact with—those are just two of the reasons the material and the manufacturer of your door is so important.

When it comes to picking out the material for the main door

of a home, there are a few variables you need take into consideration. For starters, there’s the price tag, the sturdiness of the material itself, its energy efficiency, care and maintenance, color longevity and the realism appearance of the material. Depending on where you live and the architectural style of your home, each type of material has its own positives and negatives.

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of three common front door materials: wood, fiberglass and steel.


Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Exterior Doors


Fiberglass Doors

Over the years, the look and feel of exterior fiberglass doors has evolved so well that you would never know you weren’t swinging an oak, mahogany, or pine door behind you. And while the curb appeal of fiberglass doors is great, the durability is even better. So, what are the ups and downs of exterior fiberglass doors? In this article, we’ll take a look at all the pros and cons of what you can expect.

Pros: Fiberglass is the ideal material if you’re looking for a door that is low maintenance and gives the best wood-like appearance with little to no maintenance. Unlike other doors, exterior fiberglass doors don’t contract or expand due to weather changes, making them perfect for harsh or humid weather conditions. If in a decent location, a fiberglass door can last up to 15 or 20 years without any repairs, painting or adjustments.

Although relatively new to the list of door materials, exterior fiberglass doors are known to be extremely sturdy and secure, and they’re also the most energy efficient out of the three materials discussed here. Compared to wood or steel, fiberglass doors are also good at resisting dents and surface scratches. The newest doors, such as Signet and Embarqs, give the look of wood and are the most energy efficient Bucks County doors made in America. Only Provia has an R-10 insulated door.

Cons: Big-box-manufactured fiberglass doors can crack in cold weather if they’re cheaply made, but besides that, a good-quality fiberglass door doesn’t have too many cons. The price range for a quality, pre-finished installed fiberglass door can range between $1,200 and $2,500. So they’re less expensive than wood doors, but a bit more expensive compared with most steel doors.


Where To Buy Fiberglass Exterior Doors Near You

At Tom Adams, we have all of your fiberglass exterior door needs covered. With many options to choose from, the options are unlimited. Our award-winning installation team will ensure your satisfaction and guarantee the performance of your door for many years to come. 

If you’re still thinking of what color and style to get, Tom Adams offers custom paint and glass and would be happy to consult and help you decide what is right for you. Contact Tom Adams today or stop in your local showroom for your free consultation.


Pros and Cons of Wood Front Doors

Here are the main pros and cons of wood front doors.

Wood Front Doors

It’s hard to argue with the beauty of a wood front door. From different design features to the various types of wood that you can choose from, a wooden front door can add curb appeal to any home. No one can deny the visual effect and warmth a wood exterior door can bring to a home, but as with every exterior door, there can be both benefits and drawbacks. The choice you make for your wood front door can both positively and negatively affect your home. With this in mind, let’s take a look at both pros and cons of wood exterior doors.

Pros: One huge benefit of having a door made out of wood is its aesthetic look. A stained or painted wood door tends to be more pleasing to the eye than a fiberglass or steel door, and although fiberglass or steel doors can be made into imitations of wood doors, only some of the top manufacturers—such as Provia Door Company—have fiberglass and steel doors that are as genuine-looking as actual wood doors. Plus, wood doors can be sanded and easily repaired. Compared to steel, scratches or dents are easily hidden in the wood texture. Wood doors tend to have a soft feel that is inviting to the touch.

Cons: Unfortunately, wood doors tend to be on the higher-end of the price tag—most single pre-finished wood doors tend to cost between $2,500 and $4,000. They don’t tend to be the most energy efficient doors on the market, and the wood can also absorb moisture from the air, which can cause mold to grow on the door. Because of wood’s ability to bend, bow or twist, wood doors also require more maintenance than fiberglass or steel. Wood doors swell and make opening and closing more difficult as well as exposure to the elements: rain,snow and humidity. A portico is best and needed for a roofing and cover from the elements when owning a wood front or side door.


Where To Buy Wood Front Doors Near You

The first impression of your home starts with the entry area, and Tom Adams Windows and Carpet wants your doors to make their mark. Our friendly and highly experienced staff will help you choose from our wide selection of styles and colors. We’ll have your door up quickly and accurately.

If it’s wood you are looking for, consider our Signet series with woods types such as Oak, Cherry, Knotty Alder, and Mahogany. Stop in and see us today at one of our four locations, or log on to our website to see how we can make your entry way dreams come true.


Pros and Cons of Steel Front Doors

Here are the pros and cons of steel front doors.


Steel Front Doors

steel front doorsteel front door

Pros: If you’re looking for a relatively less expensive door, then consider buying a steel door. These doors usually sell between $700 and $2,000 installed, which generally puts their price below that of wood or better fiberglass doors. One big benefit of having a steel door is that it provides a stronger barrier against thieves or other intruders because of its sturdiness and strength. Similar to fiberglass, steel doors are also energy efficient and are great for insulating warm air during the winter. Steel doors are perfect if you’re looking for something secure and affordable. But all steel doors are not alike. The big box stores generally sell a 24- to 26-gauge steel surface, which is very malleable and has the approximate thickness of a soda can. Provia Steel Doors, meanwhile, are 20-gauge thick, which is approximately the thickness of a quarter.

Cons: Unfortunately, steel doors have a higher propensity to have scratches and dents than wood or fiberglass doors, and scratches on steel doors can lead to rust developing on the steel. Steel front doors also conduct temperatures at a higher rate than wood or fiberglass—in either on the coldest day in winter or on the hottest day of summer, the door can feel extremely cold or hot to the touch. If your door gets high sunlight, the steel door must be painted a light, bright color, or the dark color will absorb too much heat and damage the door. Check and ask the manufacturer for their warranty on dark colors. What’s more, steel doors probably aren’t for you if you’re looking for an authentic stained wood look.


Where To Buy Steel Front Doors Near You

Looking for steel front doors? Well, you don’t have to go far. Your local Tom Adams Windows and Carpet showroom has everything you need. 



A good quality door that’s energy efficient isn’t solely dependent on the type of material the door is made from. A front door’s material, of course, is still important, so make sure to keep all these things in consideration when deciding which type of door to buy for your home. Look for opinions from other people around the nation. Look for a low maintenance, well respected manufacturer with a track record of quality and few problems. Then, it’s all about installation and capping. Any installer or contractor can buy a quality door, but are they certified by the manufacturer to install it properly and back up the installation in writing?


Why Shop With Tom Adams For Wood, Steel, and Fiberglass Exterior Doors Near You?

At Tom Adams Windows and Carpets in Bucks County, we are committed to providing top quality Bucks County doors from the top manufactures in the industry. Whether you need a high-quality front door for your home, a storm door, or even garage or patio doors, we welcome you to visit our website or our showroom at 2nd Street Pike & New Road in Churchville, PA. We’ll look forward to meeting you.

Ask about in home FREE estimates. All of our warranties and guarantees are in writing and backed by the manufacturer.

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