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Why is there Condensation on my New Window?

“Why is there condensation on my new window? I can’t see a thing!”

This is a common question from homeowners after they have installed new windows in their home. There are ways to alleviate the issue, but first lets figure out why this happens.

Why Does Condensation Happen?
window with condensation on it next to provia door

Condensation on our Windows in our Churchville Showroom.

Condensation occurs where humid air comes into contact with air, or a surface, which is at a lower temperature. Air contains water vapor. The warmer the air, the greater is its capacity for carrying water vapor. When warm, moist air comes into contact with a cooler surface, or cooler air, it drops in temperature, and loses some of its capacity for storing moisture, so some of it is released to form condensation in the air, as steam, or on the surface, as water droplets.

You commonly see this happen when you take a shower and the mirror fogs up or when you are having a cold drink on a hot summer day.

How Do We Fix Condensation Build Up?

It can be pretty annoying that you just bought new windows and you cannot even see out of them. When I come in early, sometimes the windows in our showroom fog up. This does not mean we installed the windows incorrectly; in a way, having condensation on your new windows show that it is working correctly. If your old windows were not having condensation build up, that means the air was going through your windows. Those drafty windows needed to be replaced.

window with condensation on it next to provia door in churchville showroom

Another picture of Condensation on our Windows in our Churchville Showroom

Now that we know condensation shows your new windows are actually working , what can we do to fix it? Here are a few tips to getting rid of condensation on your windows:

-Make sure your vents are open in your home

-Open your windows (when it is practical) to let interior moisture escape

-Use ceiling fans to keep air circulating in your home

-Turn on the fan located in your kitchen during and after you cook to let the hot air out

-Use the fan located in your bathroom during and after your shower for the same reason

-Use a dehumidifier

We hope you found this article informational. If you have any questions about your windows, please call Tom Adams Windows and Carpets at 215-357-7000. If you would like to see more tips, please follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.