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8 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Window Replacement Company Near You

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The window replacement company that installs your windows is just as important as the company that makes the windows. You not only want a quality window that you are going to love, but you also want a window replacement company that you can trust throughout the process and will continue to support you after the installation. When you’re looking at a window replacement company, consider these eight criteria and put them side-by-side. By comparing more than cost, you can find a company that delivers style and reliability. 

8 Things to Look for When Comparing Top Window Companies

Certified Installers 

You can go out and buy the highest quality window on the market, but if it’s installed poorly you aren’t going to get what you paid for in either performance or looks. That is why when choosing a window replacement company, you want to make sure that their window installers are certified. The best windows company will certify their installers to expertly install the windows that they sell. These installers will have the expertise and training in the brand’s product line.

Manufacturers may also certify and train contractors specifically for window installations that can also perform larger remodels.

Generally, you will have several installation options, so check the certifications between the manufacturers and the contractors that install their products. Make sure to ask questions about the installation process so that you understand what is included. Also, make sure to assess the expertise of the installers and if there will be any hidden costs. 


It is easy to get hung up on price when choosing a windows company. Usually, you will have a budget and will want to stick to it. But, beware of sales and bargains. The quality of materials, craftsmanship, and installation all factor into the cost of replacement windows. You may save on your initial costs, but you could be sacrificing quality, which can create more costs down the line.

Look beyond the sticker price when choosing your window replacement company. Consider the potential costs through the windows lifetime. Ask yourself questions such as: What will I save on energy bills? Are there any costs of caring or maintaining my windows? How long are my windows expected to last? You may find out that the higher price tag pays off over time.

Glass Options

Glass is transparent, so many times you can’t see the many differences between the various glass options. A windows company will claim to be energy efficient, so make sure they can back up their claim by checking to see if they have actual Energy Star certification. Then look at the actual specification and ratings of your glass so you can compare your options based on the standardized system.

You also need to consider your home’s climate and needs. Will your windows face extreme temperatures? Is environmental noise an issue? Compare the intended uses for each brand’s glass options and materials that go into the products. 


Wood, vinyl, and fiberglass are the most common window materials, and there can be a range of prices between the three. There is also a range of brands and different product lines within brands.

When choosing a window replacement company, think deeper than the types of material. For example, some windows have solid wood interiors, while others do not provide an interior aesthetic that can be achieved with a solid wood interior. 


A windows company will always have some basic window types and styles that are offered across the board. But make sure that’s not all that is offered. You don’t want to be boxed into just one look. You will want to find the best fit from an array of options or customize a window that is unique to your home.

Compare wood types, designs, paint and stain colors, glass, hardware, trim and grilles. Which window replacement company has the widest selection? Which choices are limited to a standard set of options and which ones can be customized to your tastes? Ranking the options of a windows company by what matters most can help you have the greatest impact on your final decision. 


Most people don’t even think about a product’s warranty until something goes wrong. A good manufacturer’s warranty can be very helpful in the long run. The length and level of coverage varies by manufacturer, and often by product.

A windows company with a strong warranty can show confidence in the quality of their windows and that they will rectify the problems that happen outside of the normal wear and tear of daily living. A window replacement company will usually allow you the option of having coverage on the window itself, installation, or both.

Customer Service

Customer service is important. How does the windows company make you feel? Do they adequately answer your questions, or do they brush you off into making a quick decision? Online research is an important part of the window buying process. Eventually, you will have to leave the comfort of home and speak with someone face-to-face.

Most other companies do not have a customer service department, rather customers must call the manufacturer directly. With Tom Adams, we have a dedicated service department to handle all of your needs. 


Good or bad, testimonials are a persuasive force that can help you decide on a window replacement company. Ask around. Who have your friends and family used in the past? Others’ experiences can help guide yours when choosing a windows company.

If you don’t know of anyone that has used a particular company, request references. Browse each windows company and their website and social media. This should allow you to see examples of some replacement projects in your area. 

Where to Find the Best Windows Company Near You

Finding the best window replacement company is just a click away. Not only can you find the best company for you by word-of-mouth, but the internet is filled with locations and companies near you where you can purchase and have the installation completed on replacement windows.

Most sites will give you reviews of past work and references of companies so that the hard work is left to the installers. 


If you are looking for a window replacement company that provides the utmost in customer service and products backed by over 67 years of services, then Tom Adams Windows and Carpet are for you.

The selection at Tom Adams Windows and Doors comes in an array of colors, sizes, and materials and is installed by their team of fully insured, certified installers. Our windows are also backed by a lifetime and breakage warranty.

Contact us today for more information on how Tom Adams Windows and Carpets can help with your window needs.

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