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At Tom Adams Windows and Carpets, we exclusively sell ProVia Entry Doors. We have sold ProVia products since April 1994. ProVia entry doors meet the highest standards for beauty, durability, security and energy efficiency. Tom Adams backs up our installation and products because we know how well they work for our customers.

Are All ProVia Doors Safe?

ProVia entry doors come in different styles such as: Embarq, Signet, Heritage Fiberglass, and Legacy Steel. Though these doors differ in style and options, all of them include a 20-gauge security plate for extra strength and to help prevent kick-ins. This plate is within the jam of the door, making it significantly harder to kick the door and open in. Watch the video below to see how a ProVia entry door stands up against a police battering:

Are Steel Doors Stronger Than Fiberglass?

There are made of different material and some ProVia doors come with more security than others. They all include the security plate, but select Signet Fiberglass and Legacy Steel doors, you are able to get a Steel L- Frame. This is an aluminum door stop that is built into the frame that secures the door.

If you’re looking for the most secure door on the market, ProVia Legacy Steel doors have 49% more galvanneal steel than a standard 24-guage door. This type of steel is easier to paint and stronger than galvanized steel because it does through an additional annealing process. ProVia Legacy Steel doors also have a rigid composite lock block that reinforces the lock and deadbolt area.

How Should I Start the Process?

With the many security features in ProVia entry doors, it’s safe to say they’re the most secure doors on the market. If you’re interested in a door installation, call your local showroom today or contact us online here. We offer Free In-Home Estimates and more!

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