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Outside view from the inside of a room with sliding glass patio doors and blue drapes hanging on the wall.

The Ultimate Guide: What Are The Best Patio Doors

Whether you’re renovating or building new, choosing the right type of patio door is crucial for ensuring ease of use, energy efficiency, and harmony with your home design. There’s a variety to choose from—sliding, hinged, and bi-fold—and each type is suited for different spaces and usage needs. Then each style has options from a French Style door to a patio Door with internal blinds. This guide dives deep into what makes each type special, helping you make an informed decision based on your personal home requirements.

What is the Best Patio Sliding Door? What Makes Them Stand Out

If you’re wondering what the best patio sliding door is, here are some things to consider. Sliding patio doors, known for their space-saving design, are a favorite among modern home decorators and those dealing with limited space. Here’s why they might be the right choice for your home:

  • Efficient Use of Space: Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors glide along a track instead of swinging open, thus requiring less space for operation. Furniture will not be in the way of your door movement.
  • Modern Appeal: With their sleek, minimalistic design, sliding doors are especially popular in modern architectural styles. Clean lines with the most glass exposed or a French Style which shows less glass.
  • Versatility in Materials: 
    • Vinyl: Economical, low maintenance, and excellent  thermal performance.
    • Fiberglass: Offers durability, energy efficiency, and can mimic the texture of wood.
    • Wood: Natural look, excellent insulation properties, though requires more upkeep.
    • Aluminum: Strong, with a modern appearance, though not as good insulating properties unless equipped with a thermal break.

Each material brings its own benefits to a sliding patio door setup. For instance, vinyl and fiberglass are excellent choices for those looking for minimal upkeep and good energy efficiency. Wood, while requiring more maintenance, is unmatched in its natural aesthetic and insulation capacity.

From an energy-saving perspective, here are elements in sliding doors that can enhance their efficiency:

  • Dual Pane Glass: Provides an insulating layer that helps in reducing energy costs.
  • Weather Stripping: Ensures a tight seal against air leakage to maintain indoor temperatures.
  • Blinds /Window treatment: Blinds between the insulated glass, gives security, privacy and a clean modern look- Never gets dusty or needs to be cleaned. Also stops heat/sunlight from coming into the home and fading flooring or fabric.

For more detailed specifications on the materials and energy efficiency, it’s insightful to check the Energy Star ratings set by the EPA, which provide great benchmarks for comparing the energy efficiency of different door materials and styles.

By understanding these key aspects, homeowners can better navigate the array of sliding patio door options available, ensuring that they select a product that not only compliments the design of their home but also contributes to its overall energy efficiency and functionality.

How to Choose the Right Patio Door for Your Home

When picking the perfect patio door, there are several important factors to keep in mind so it fits well with your home’s style, your personal needs, and maybe most importantly, the climate you live in. We’ve put it all together here to make your decision process a little easier:

  • Assess Your Home’s Architecture: The door should match your home’s overall look. Traditional homes may look better with classic French doors, while modern homes may benefit more from sliding or bi-fold doors.
  • Consider the Climate: In places with extreme weather, go for patio doors that insulate well, like double or triple-glazed glass options.
  • Space and Usage: Sliding doors save room, but hinged doors could give a bigger opening, which might be useful depending on where you live.
  • Material Choices: 
    • Wood: Looks classic but needs more care to deal with weather.
    • Vinyl: Lasts long, is low effort to maintain, and is great for insulation.
    • Fiberglass: Looks like wood but is easier to take care of, although it could cost more.
    • Aluminum: Sturdy and modern but may not insulate as well if it’s not made with a thermal break. 
  • Installation Expertise: Always go for a known and trusted installer like Tom Adams Windows & Carpets. Their skill in installing the doors is crucial for them to last and work properly.
  • Warranties and Services: Choose brands that provide strong warranties and customer service you can count on. A reliable service can make a huge difference in how happy you are in the long run.

By looking at all these points you can enhance both the look and function of your home. You get a patio door that not only increases beauty but also helps with day-to-day living and keeps your home comfortable. With Tom Adams Windows & Carpets, homeowners receive committed service customized to their unique requirements, reinforcing decades of expertise with a promise of quality.

What Is The Best Flooring for an Outdoor Patio

The right patio door can seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Here are some pairing strategies for patio doors with various outdoor flooring options:

  • Natural Stone Flooring:
    • Ideal with elegant wood or dark exterior patio door color. Provides a rugged, natural look that complements the outdoors 
  • Concrete / Tile Pavers:
    • Match well with minimalistic and modern sliding or bi-fold doors that open the home.
    • Offers a contemporary appearance with practical durability-The HOTTEST look of today. 
  • Wooden Decking:
    • Harmonizes beautifully with wooden patio doors, vinyl or painted aluminum clad doors, creating a cohesive outdoor area
    • Ensures a warm and inviting ambiance 
  • Composite Decking:
    • Works well with any type of patio doors and fits for multi purpose exteriors.
    • Durable and low maintenance, mirroring the benefits of materials like vinyl and fiberglass 
  • Tile Flooring:
    • Pairs effectively with fiberglass or vinyl patio doors in sliding styles
    • Offers a Mediterranean flair, particularly with terracotta or mosaic tiles- Tile must be full body porcelain or pavers made for the northeast weather.

When choosing how to integrate your patio door with outdoor flooring, consider factors such as weather resistance, the ease of maintenance, and overall design continuity. This synergy not only enhances the usability of your living space but also adds to the aesthetic value, making your home more inviting and stylish. Color, design along with blinds help enhance the space with an open look and privacy in regards to the correct door. The correct flooring depends on goals and budgets.

Tom Adams Windows & Carpets: Your Partner in Expert Door Installation

Choosing Tom Adams Windows & Carpets for your patio doors means you’re working with a trusted name in home improvement. We’ve been improving homes since 1955.

If you want to make your home nicer with new patio doors, visit one of our showrooms or set up a time to talk to a TOM ADAMS SPECIALIST. Our years of know-how mean you’ll get personal service and top-quality products that make a real difference. Let’s turn your space into a place where beauty, ease, and smart design come together. Reach out for a free consultation, today!

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