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Calculate Your Exterior Door Cost with Confidence

Exterior doors are more than just entryways to your home; they ensure your family’s safety and boost your property’s curb appeal. This article promises to give you a walkthrough of the factors that weigh into the cost to replace an exterior door, including costs for both materials and labor.

By the end of this read, you’ll be able to confidently work out the expense involved for your specific needs, drawing from Tom Adams Windows & Carpets’ long-standing expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.

What Determines the Cost to Replace an Exterior Door?

When considering the cost to replace an exterior door, like windows, several factors play a significant role in determining the overall expense:

  • Dimensions of the door: Standard sizes are typically more affordable because they are mass-produced, whereas custom-sized doors may require special manufacturing, which can increase the cost.
  • Materials: The material used for the door significantly impacts its cost. Here are some common materials: 
    • Wood: Wooden doors offer a timeless and classic look, but they may require a lot more maintenance compared to other materials. The cost can vary depending on the type of wood used.
    • Steel: Steel doors are known for their security and durability. They are often less expensive than wood and require minimal maintenance. Steel does come in a variety of thickness which will change the price and quality.
    • Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are favored for their ability to replicate a wood door appearance, are energy efficient, and low maintenance requirements. They can also offer long-term savings on energy bills. But like steel, it comes in different thickness and appearances that can affect the cost. 
    • Design: The design of the door, including intricate patterns, decorative elements, or the inclusion of glass panels, can affect the cost. Custom designs or specialized finishes may also increase the price.
  • Energy Efficiency: Doors with better insulation properties or those with ENERGY STAR ratings may come at a higher initial cost but can result in savings on utility bills over time. Investing in a more energy-efficient door can contribute to long-term cost savings.
  • Security Features: Upgrades such as stronger locks, reinforced steel frames, or advanced security mechanisms can enhance the security of the door but may also add to the overall price. The level of security features you choose will impact the cost of the replacement door.
  • Installation Costs: In addition to the cost of the door itself, you’ll need to consider installation expenses. Factors such as labor charges, removal of the old door, and any necessary adjustments or modifications to the doorway can affect the total cost of replacement.

Average Costs Unveiled: Replacing Your Exterior Door

How much can you anticipate budgeting for a basic exterior door replacement? Here’s a rough guide:

  • Low-end cost tends to start around $2,000.
  • High-end doors can set you back $5,000 or more, factoring in premium materials and custom features.

Keep in mind, these average costs can fluctuate depending on where you live and the unique characteristics of the door you choose. Expect higher pricing if you want a double door or sidelights on a single door. While these numbers offer a general idea, your actual quote may vary – a reality Tom Adams Windows & Carpets understands and accommodates with their low price guarantee. 

Labor Cost to Replace Exterior Door

Replacing an exterior door involves selecting the right door and accounting for labor costs. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Area Variance: The cost for labor varies depending on your location. Expect different rates in cities than in rural areas.
  • Complexity: Resizing frames or adding features like sidelights means more time and skill needed, increasing the cost.
  • Contractor experience: Installers with a strong track record, like those at Tom Adams Windows & Carpets, may cost more, but their quality and reliability bring value.

Labor can range broadly in cost. For a clear expectation, you may spend on average $500 to $1,000 for labor and material cost on a standard door replacement. At Tom Adams Windows & Carpets, investing in professional installation means receiving award-winning service that ensures a perfect installation for years to come. Tom Adams promises that their Provia door installed will be the last door you purchase for that entrance.

Calculate Your Exterior Door Cost with Confidence

Choosing the Right Material for Your Budget and Style

Selecting the right material for your exterior door impacts both your budget and the aesthetic appeal of your home. Remember, Tom Adams Windows & Carpets offers a range of doors in materials like wood, steel, and fiberglass to fit various tastes and budgets, all backed by our price guarantee.

When considering the cost to replace your exterior door, it’s good to know what to expect. Keep your budget in line with your expectations, and remember that investing in quality materials and installation, like those at Tom Adams Windows & Carpets, pays off in the long run with durability and satisfaction. Feel free to stop by one of our showrooms in the Philadelphia-Allentown area to see our offerings and discuss your project.

Seeing and Choosing the Right Door

When considering the design and look that you want, it is best to see the door itself. Only Tom Adams shows over 70 doors between their showroom so you can see it, touch it and operate it prior to purchasing. No one buys a car from a catalog. You want all your senses involved to make the right decision. Feel free to stop by one of our showrooms in the Philadelphia – Montgomery – Bucks County and Allentown area to see our offerings and discuss your project.

Why Trust Tom Adams Windows & Carpets for Your Door Replacement?

Tom Adams Windows & Carpets makes finding and fitting new doors straightforward and stress-free. Here’s why trusting us equates to making a wise choice for your home:

  • Proficient Teams: Our installers have years of Award winning Installation and experience with a track record of satisfied customers.
  • Clear Communication: We explain every part of the process, ensuring there are no surprises when it comes to cost or installation.
  • Guaranteed Pricing: We understand the importance of sticking to a budget, which is why we offer a price guarantee.
  • Quality Focused: From materials to craftsmanship, every door we install meets high standards for durability, security, and energy efficiency.
  • Community-Driven Service: As a long-standing, family-oriented business in the Philadelphia-Montgomery-Bucks County and Allentown area, we’re committed to serving our neighbors with integrity.

Choosing a new exterior door is a significant home upgrade that affects not only the look of your home but also its security and energy efficiency. By covering all aspects like material, design, additional features, and labor, you’ll be equipped to make a well-informed decision on the exterior door cost for your home, and with Tom Adams Windows & Carpets, you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands. Get a free quote today.

Nobody does doors better than TOM ADAMS WINDOWS AND CARPETS.

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