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Adding windows to house cost.

The Cost of Adding New Windows to a House

Are you contemplating a home improvement project and wondering what the cost is to add windows to your house

The truth is the cost of adding new windows to your house can vary significantly, and it’s important to understand why. Your specific requirements and preferences play a crucial role in determining the overall cost. We will also discuss signs that indicate you need new windows and provide guidelines on when to replace them. 

So, let’s explore the factors that can influence the range of costs to add new windows
to a house.

What Affects the Cost of New Windows
for Houses

Type of Windows

There are various types of windows available in the market, each with its own price range. For instance, double-hung windows, popular for their traditional look and ventilation capabilities, typically cost more than single-hung ones due to their complex mechanism. Casement windows, known for their excellent ventilation and wide views, can also be more expensive due to their robust hardware. Picture windows, which don’t open and are often large, can vary in cost based on size and framing material. The most expensive are usually shaped windows, such as half rounds or octagon and triangle shape.

Size of Windows

The size of the window plays a significant role in the cost. Larger windows require more materials and labor to install, which increases the overall cost. All windows are made custom-sized, which are required in order to fit exactly in the space of replacement windows.  Buying off the shelf windows in the most popular sizes may be cheaper, but may need extra wood or foam to cover the gaps because they are not a perfect fit. Any cost saving is lost with the extra material and labor to make off the shelf windows fit, plus you still have possible air infiltration and appearance issues.

Number of Windows

The total number of windows you plan to install will also factor into the cost. More windows mean more materials and more labor hours, which will increase the overall cost. However, some companies may offer discounts for bulk orders, so it’s worth asking about this when getting quotes.The more windows installed the less the overall labor costs, so discounts are usually available when purchasing 5 or more windows and greater discounts on a whole house full of windows. 

Installation Complexity

The complexity of the installation process can also impact the cost. If the installation involves altering the size of the window opening or making other structural changes to your home, the cost will increase. Similarly, installations that require working on higher floors or in hard-to-reach areas may also be more expensive due to the additional labor and safety requirements.

Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials used in the windows can significantly impact the cost. Higher quality materials, like solid wood or high-end vinyl, will cost more than lower-quality materials. However, they may offer better durability, aesthetics, and energy efficiency, which could save you money in the long run. All white windows are NOT made the same way. Companies like Provia Windows use pharmaceutical grade vinyl, manufactured with optimal thickness and chambers to ensure, never warping, twisting, cracking and giving the BEST in ENERGY STAR ratings.

All these factors can influence the cost of new windows for a house.

Other Factors Influencing the Cost
of Windows


Your geographical location can influence the cost of materials and labor. In areas with a high cost of living, you can expect to pay more for both materials and professional installation. Additionally, local climate can influence the type of window you need. For example, in colder climates, you may need windows with better ENERGY STAR insulation rating, which may cost more, but meet your needs and long term cost savings.

Window Treatments

Additional features like blinds, curtains, or shutters can add to the overall cost. While these are not a part of the window itself, they can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your windows. High-end window treatments, like custom-made blinds or shutters, can significantly add to the cost.Look for windows that have blinds between the glass for a cost savings and aesthetic feature that has become very popular. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows, such as those with double or triple glazing or multi- low-E coatings, may cost more upfront. However, they can save you money in the long run by reducing energy costs. They work by reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, which can reduce your heating and cooling bills. Additionally, you may be eligible for local or federal tax credits for installing energy-efficient windows, which can offset some of the cost. See your window company, such as Tom Adams Windows for more information.

Remember, while the initial cost is important, it’s also crucial to consider the long-term value and potential savings when choosing new windows for your house.

Signs You Need New Windows

Knowing when to replace your windows is crucial. Here are some signs that indicate you need new windows:

High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed a steady increase in your energy bills, it might be due to inefficient windows. Old, single-pane windows or those with poor insulation can allow heat to escape during winter and let in heat during summer, causing your heating and cooling systems to work harder. Energy-efficient windows can help maintain a constant temperature in your home, reducing energy consumption and lowering your bills.


If you feel a breeze when your windows are closed, it’s a clear sign your windows are not sealing properly and need replacement. Drafty windows can significantly impact your home’s temperature regulation and energy efficiency. This issue often arises due to aging window frames that have warped or damaged over time.

Difficulty Opening or Closing

Windows that are hard to open or close can indicate structural damage or poor installation. Over time, wooden windows can warp due to moisture and temperature changes. Similarly, metal windows can rust and deteriorate. Difficulty operating your windows is not just a nuisance; it can also pose safety risks, especially in emergency situations where a quick exit is required.

Condensation Between Panes

Frequent condensation or fogging on your windows can indicate seal failure. If you have double or triple-pane windows, condensation between the panes is a sign that the seal has broken, allowing moisture to enter. This issue reduces the window’s insulating properties, leading to energy loss. Moisture between the glass means you lose vision from looking outside and. aesthetically speaking makes your home look terrible from the outside. 

Visible Damage

Signs of visible damage such as cracks, rot, and water stains are clear indications that your windows need replacement. Over time, windows are exposed to the elements and can suffer from wear and tear. Rot can indicate a persistent moisture problem, while cracks and warping can lead to drafts and leaks.

Outside Noise

If you’re hearing a lot of noise from outside, it could be because your windows are not providing enough sound insulation. Newer models of windows are designed to provide better noise reduction, enhancing the comfort level inside your home.

Old Age

If your windows are more than 20 years old and are showing signs of wear, it might be time for an upgrade. Even if they’re still functional, newer window models offer better energy efficiency and can improve your home’s value and curb appeal.

Each of these can justify the cost of windows for your house.

Considering Types of Windows: New Construction Vs. Replacement

When purchasing new windows, they’ll likely be either one of two types – New Construction or Replacement Windows.

  • New Construction Windows: These are typically used in new homes or additions. They have a nailing fin that allows them to be nailed directly onto the frame of the house.

    • Pros: They provide a tight seal and are excellent for energy efficiency.
    • Cons: They require the removal of exterior materials, which can add to the cost.

  • Replacement Windows: These are designed to fit into existing window openings. They’re a good option if your window frames are still in good shape.

    • Pros: They are easier and less expensive to install than new construction windows.
    • Cons: You lose glass as replacement windows are thicker and fit into the pocket as compared to new construction windows. 

The best thing to do if you’re looking for an accurate price on windows for your house is to contact the pros at Tom Adams. For decades, we’ve been servicing the community in and around the Lehigh Valley and Suburbs around and including Philadelphia. Check us out for a free estimate. Ask about their PEACE OF MIND lifetime warranty on their windows including glass breakage and labor.

Adding new windows to your house is a significant investment that can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and improve its energy efficiency. However, understanding the various factors that influence the cost, knowing when to replace your windows, and choosing the right type of windows are all crucial to making an informed decision. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Do your homework, compare products and pricing- there is a big difference from the cheapest window to the more expensive windows and the right installation makes all the difference. Get references, ask for warranties in writing.  Consider the long-term benefits and potential savings when calculating the cost of new windows for your house. Be sure to ask about FREE FINANCING!

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