Carpet Cleaning Tips: Just In Time for the Holidays!

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A splash of wine, a drop of gravy, a drip of candle wax…Holiday parties can leave a lasting mark on your carpet. You want to remember this year’s special moments through pictures and stories, not splatters and stains. Luckily, when you follow our carpet cleaning advice, your flooring will look good-as-new in no time!

Prevent Unwanted Messes

With a little preparation before your holiday party begins, you can spend less time cleaning your carpet afterward. When you place a doormat on your front porch, for example, guests will naturally wipe off their shoes before setting foot on your carpet. Additionally, you should consider setting up extra tables, trays, and stands where guests can place their drinks and plates as they mingle.

Don’t Wait Until the Party’s Over

It’s better to take five minutes to clean up a stain right away than to spend the next five years staring at it! The more time that a stain has to set, the harder it will be to lift later on. Some stains, such as soda, may even eat away at your carpet’s fibers.

Work Toward the Middle of the Stain

Any carpet stain is most concentrated at its center. If you start at the center and move outward while cleaning, then you are just spreading the stain around. Instead, you should always start at the outside edges and clean toward the middle of the stain.

Choose the Right Cleaning Agent

Different types of stains will respond best to different cleaning agents. For example, let’s say that one of your family members drops a pat of butter onto your carpet. The best way to get that stain up is to mix grease-cutting dish washing detergent with a cup of warm water. On the other hand, you can remove red wine stains with baking soda, club soda, or vinegar.

Are Some Carpet Stains Just Too Tough to Tackle?

If your carpet is stained and scuffed, then it might be time to think about a carpet replacement. At Tom Adams Windows and Carpets, we’ll help you discover top-quality, name brand carpeting at any price point. We even offer incredible options that are built to withstand all the messes of a busy family. We also provide a 1 Year Spill and Stain Warranty on all carpets purchased and installed by us through Burdick’s Cleaning. Plus, our team is always here when you need window and door installation near Churchville, PA.

Contact our flooring and window company near Doylestown today to find out more about our carpet installation option!

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