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ProVia Siding Maintenance

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It’s easy to see the advantages to ProVia siding, especially when you consider what it takes to properly maintain the investment you make in the exterior of your home. This article will show you how to properly take care of your ProVia siding, as well as the advantages of using ProVia siding on your home. 

We will start by looking at how to maintain your ProVia siding, and then take a look at three advantages to using it on your home. Finally, we will look at just where you can find a licensed ProVia dealer near you.

ProVia’s Super Polymer Siding comes closer to being totally maintenance-free than any other siding on the market today. If it does get dirty, heavy rain will usually do wonders in cleaning it. Or you can wash your ProVia siding down with water from an ordinary garden hose. If neither rain nor hosing does a satisfactory job, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Get an ordinary, long-handled car washing brush. This brush has
    soft bristles and the handle fastens onto the end of your garden
    hose. It lets you wash your ProVia siding, just like you wash your car.
  2.  If the dirt is hard to remove, such as soot and grime found in
    industrial areas, wipe down the siding with a solution made of the
    following: 1/3 cup powder detergent (i.e. Tide, Fab or equivalent
    powder detergent)*, 2/3 cup household cleaner (i.e. Soilax, Spic &
    Span or equivalent)*, 1-gallon water.
  3.  If mildew is a problem, use the solutions previously mentioned,
    but substitute 1-quart liquid laundry bleach for 1 quart of water.
  4.  If you want to wash down your entire house, start at the bottom
    and work up to the top in order to prevent streaking.
  5.  If stubborn stains exist, use the chart below, or follow the
    precautionary labeling instructions on the cleaning agent
    container. Protect shrubs from direct contact with cleaning

* Reference to proprietary names is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to imply that there are not equally effective competitive products.

A Tip From Our Service Manager

Do NOT use a High Powered Power Washer to clean your siding. It could cause damage.

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Why Use ProVia Siding For Your Home

ProVia has quickly become a leading name in exterior siding in the United States.  Their Heartland Siding line has been rated number one siding best buy by Consumer Reports. ProVia’s high ratings come from its durable and low-maintenance design. Its attractive wood-like appearance gives homeowners both beauty and convenience in one simple product.


3 Advantages of ProVia Siding

Here are the top 3 advantages of using ProVia siding on your home. 

Customizable Colors and Styles

ProVia’s Heartland Siding comes in such an array of colors and styles that the customization combinations are seemingly endless. We know homeowners want a personal touch on both the interior and exterior of their homes, and ProVia gives you the ability to select fine details to make a huge impact on the look of your home. ProVia offers ten lines to account for every style and budget.

Low-Maintenance Vinyl

Nothing beats the look of real wood, but the maintenance can be overwhelming. If not maintained properly, wood can mold, rot, and warp, and it can even be inviting for pests like paper wasps. When you choose ProVia siding, you’re getting a beautiful alternative to wood without all the upkeep.  

Increase Curb Appeal

Siding is a functional and attractive way to add value and curb appeal to your home. The options and combinations of ProVia siding are sure to create a striking first impression for anyone who sees your home.


Where To Buy ProVia Siding Near You

If you are looking to add beauty to the exterior of your home, trust Tom Adams Windows and Carpet with all your vinyl siding needs. We carry insulated, traditional, and decorative siding for any project. Our team of experts can recommend a product and install your siding so all that you’re left with is a lifetime of satisfaction. Contact Tom Adams Windows and Carpet today or visit our showroom to get started towards updating your home. 

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