ProVia’s “Secret Sauce”

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ProVia’s “Secret Sauce”

When Tara Taffera, publisher of Door & Window Market Magazine, asked to take a tour of ProVia, we were honored. After a full day of visits and discussions – including an interview with President & CEO Brian Miller, we waited and wondered. Was she impressed? She’s a seasoned pro, so she’s been on lots of tours.
When the article came out we were floored. Tara and her team did such a wonderful job of capturing the essence of ProVia and showing the things that we do differently.
Fast Facts Beginnings: ProVia was founded in 1977 by two brothers and is still family-owned. Average years of employee service: Ten to 12 years. Loving the work: “People just generally want to work here. We are blessed in terms of our employees,” says Page. Category not going away: Many companies are exiting the storm window market, but not ProVia. “It seems every year someone stops making them,” says Page. “At one point I thought we would stop making these, but with other manufacturers getting out of the business over the last few years, we have experienced growth.” Installer training: ProVia has its own installer certification. “It’s well worth it,” says Klink….

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