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The Cost of Sliding Patio Door

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If you’re sprucing up your home, a new or replacement sliding patio door might be on your wishlist. Afterall, who doesn’t like a good patio door? They blend indoor and outdoor spaces, encourage natural light, and serve as a statement piece for your living area. An important consideration when choosing new patio doors is the cost. 

Getting to grips with the expenses is important for any renovation—it means no surprises and smart investment in your property. 

Factors like door quality, installation fees, and more come into play. So, let’s dive into these aspects to help you spend wisely.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Sliding Patio Doors

The price tag on new sliding patio doors isn’t a one-size-fits-all—it can swing up or down based on several elements. Here’s what can affect the cost:

  • Materials: From classic wood to durable vinyl, to sleek aluminum, or a thin Fiberglass, the material you choose sets the foundation for cost.
  • Styles: Do you want a traditional two-panel door or something more modern with extra panels, or a more decorative French Patio door? The design can influence the price.
  • Glass Options: Standard glass is straightforward, but energy-efficient, tinted, decorative, or tempered options can bump up the cost.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy savings matter. Look for doors with seals, glazing, or gas fills; while they may cost a bit more upfront, they’ll pay off in the long run by lowering your energy bills and making your room more comfortable.

Remember, a door that seems inexpensive now but requires frequent maintenance, does not keep heat in the room, or will need to be replaced within 10 years might not be the bargain it appears to be. Investing in the right kind of door upfront can save you money down the line.

Average Cost of Sliding Patio Doors: What to Expect

The cost of sliding patio doors can widely vary. The expectations are:

  • Low-end options: Starting material only is around $1000 to $2000 for basic versions with fewer features and simpler materials.
  • Mid-range doors only: With prices from $1500 to $2,500, these often feature better materials such as vinyl or wood, and may include energy-efficient glass.
  • High-end designs: For top materials and customization, costs can go from $2,000 to $5,000 or higher.

Prices fluctuate with factors like manufacturer, materials, glass types, size, features, and location. To nail down the specifics, consulting professionals like Tom Adams Windows & Carpets is recommended.

Detailed Costs of Installing Patio Doors: From Purchase to Completion

Once you’ve chosen your ideal sliding patio doors, the next step is the installation. It’s not just the price of the door you need to consider, but also the cost of putting it into place. Here’s how the cost of installing patio doors might break down:

  • Purchasing the Doors: As we mentioned, this could range from $1,500 to $5,000 or more, based on your selection.
  • Labor Costs: Typically, you’ll be looking at about $500 to $1,000 per door for installation, which can climb if there are complexities or custom work involved.
  • Structural Modifications: If your home needs any modifications to fit the new door, such as widening the doorway, it could add $1,000  to $1,500 to the project.
  • Removal of Previous Door: Disposing of the old door should always be included in your total cost.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Things like new interior trim, exterior capping, upgraded locks,internal blinds, color or stain or additional insulation might be needed, which could add hundreds of dollars to the final cost.

Remember, professional installation by a reputable provider like Tom Adams Windows & Carpets can not only ensure a seamless fit but can also mitigate potential issues down the road. 

By investing in expert installation, you’re guaranteeing that your new sliding patio doors operate correctly and efficiently from day one.

Cost to Replace Sliding Patio Door: Fresh Install versus Update

Costs for new sliding patio doors inevitably differ based on whether you’re getting a fresh installation or updating existing doors.

Fresh Installation

A new patio door setup entails a more complex process, which can include:

  • Cutting and/or creating a new larger or smaller opening in an exterior wall
  • Installing a new header to support the overhead structure
  • Potentially altering exterior siding and interior finishes
  • Ensuring proper insulation and sealing against drafts

Higher costs for a fresh installation reflect the labor and materials involved.

Update or Replacement

Updating existing patio doors is usually less costly and involves:

  • Door removal
  • Minor adjustments to the existing opening
  • Door installation in the same space
  • Possible build-in or custom sizing for the right fit
  • Visual changes such as: French Style doors, custom sizes, Internal Blinds, Special colors or stains on the exterior and/or Interior.
  • Sealing and finishing tasks

While updates generally have lower labor and material expenses, the new door’s quality and extra features remain influential on the overall cost.

Sliding glass patio doors.

The Value of Expert Installation: Tom Adams Windows & Carpets

Opting for expert installation by Tom Adams Windows & Carpets is a move that adds to both the immediate and long-term benefits of your new sliding patio doors. Key advantages of professional installation include:

  • Skill and Experience: Over 69 years of expertise in home improvement projects.
  • Professional Workmanship: Doors are installed with the highest-quality workmanship, ensuring function and aesthetics.
  • Community Trust: A solid reputation in the Philadelphia-Allentown area signifies trust and reliability with an average 4.8-4.9 google rating for over thousands of doors.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Highly rated with a 97% customer satisfaction score.
  • Warranty and Support: Written service guarantees that outline the commitment to ensuring lasting value for your purchase. One phone is open to our customers 24/7 in order to answer or solve any question or problem.Lifetime Door warranties for Peace of Mind.

How Quality Sliding Patio Doors Can Impact Home Value and Efficiency

Quality sliding patio doors can contribute to:

  • Home Value: Offering visual appeal and functionality, quality doors can be a compelling feature for buyers and potentially raise home market prices. Makes your home more appealing and gives the home a larger appearance.
  • Energy Efficiency: Better insulation from quality doors provides a comfortable indoor climate and could lead to energy savings, mirrored in reduced utility bills over time. More comfort in your own home.

Inevitable quality will always affect a sliding patio door’s price. Clear benefits for the long term ensure investing in quality doors is a smart choice for homeowners.

Why Choose Tom Adams Windows & Carpets? Quality Experience and Trustworthiness

Tom Adams Windows & Carpets stands out as a quality service provider for your sliding patio door needs, embodying:

  • Decades of Expertise: Bringing extensive knowledge to your home projects since 1955.
  • Customer-Focused Service: A high commitment to customer satisfaction with impressive happiness ratings.We do it right the first time.
  • Trusted Quality: Sourcing from only leading manufacturers ensures lasting products.
  • Community Commitment: A family-owned business with four store locations tuned to local preferences and needs.
  • Guaranteed Value: Backing their work with a price guarantee and flexible financing options.National Award Installation and Customer Service to give 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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