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Window Installation: Your Complete Guide to Changing or Expanding Window Space

Home renovations often involve window replacement with windows of the same size you have in your home right now. But if windows are old and need replacing, you might also consider changing or expanding the size of the windows to better fit your lifestyle and decor, not the person’s decor who owned your home years ago. You’ll find a number of benefits by enlarging the windows in your home, or even by adding extra windows. You might even consider converting a window into a door for easier access to your outside living space.

First, choose the best replacement windows or new construction windows for your project, based on your budget, your home décor, and your personal preference. From wooden interior windows to vinyl replacement windows or even composite windows manufactured from wood and fiberglass, your window company of choice should offer the options you desire.

Replacing windows with those that are larger or smaller than your existing windows requires a bit more work—and, therefore, a larger remodeling budget—than simple window replacement of the same size. But the vast benefits can be worth it, as a new window installation can completely change the look of your home. Make sure you choose the right window company, with expertise in completing such complicated and extensive home renovations.

Reasons to Expand Your Window Size or Add New Windows to Your Home

You may want to change the size of your windows for many different reasons. Most people looking to expand the size of their windows want to let more natural light into their homes. This can help keep your home warmer in the winter if you use daylight harvesting techniques to let the sun warm your home naturally. Large, south-facing windows, especially, can increase your home’s temperature significantly during the summer, although windows opening to the east and west can also make a difference.

You also have options if you want to keep your home cool during the summer. Thermal window treatments combined with your new, energy-efficient replacement windows, make it easy to keep the cool air generated by your air conditioning unit inside your home while keeping the hot sun out. You can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 85% with south-facing windows. In addition to energy savings and harnessing the technology of passive solar techniques, adding or expanding your windows in your northeast home has several other benefits:

  • Reveals natural light for a brighter look and feel in your home
  • Makes your home seem bigger with a more open-concept
  • Creates a gorgeous view of the mountains, ocean, lake or backyard, or other scenery
  • Keeps your children and pets in sight while they’re playing outside
  • Creates an easier escape in the event of a fire by replacing smaller windows with larger windows, especially on the first floor or in a bedroom

Embrace the Beauty of Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows or bow windows make a beautiful upgrade to a living room, family room, or dining room. Bay windows have three openings, typically created from double-hung or casement windows on either side and a picture window in the center. Bow windows have four to six openings and “bow” out, sometimes extending beyond your home further than bay windows.

However, both bay windows and bow windows create an extra-wide windowsill, which you can turn into a reading nook with all of the extra light or decorate with plants or holiday décor for those inside and outside your home to enjoy.

Replacing regular double-hung windows with bay or bow windows often means expanding the size of the window opening. Be sure to choose an experienced window company to perform these renovations to ensure an airtight, weatherproof seal and a clean look. Tom Adams has been in business for over 66 years and is a National Award-Winning Service and Installation door and window company.

Window Cut-Downs, Cut-Ups, and Widening Windows

Bow windows and bay windows are one way to expand the natural light and visibility in your home. But what if you just want to install double-hung windows larger than the ones you have now?

Window cut-downs extend a window vertically, which usually means your window installation firm won’t have to disturb any support beams within your home’s walls. You may not need to alter the siding or shingles on the outside of the home either. In many cases, we can install the window without major additional painting on the interior, either.

Performing a window cut-up, where your window installer extends the window from the top, may require permits if the change affects structural beams in the home. Similarly, widening a window horizontally may require reinforcing beams or supports surrounding the window. This is a more expensive option, but also the most dramatic change within a home, especially if you are upgrading to bay or bow windows.

Do You Need a Permit to Expand Window Space or Add Windows?

In general, if you are not altering the structure of the home, such as moving beams or structural supports, no permit is required. But if you’re expanding your window, you’ll want a window company you can trust to help you through the permitting process and do the job right. Meeting the needs of every township and borough is important. You want a company the follows the rules for both your safety and maintains the structural integrity of your home.

How to Convert a Window into a Doorway

Similar to expanding a window, you can transform a window into a doorway. This would require a cut-up, cut-down, or overall expansion, depending on the size of the doorway you want to create.

You can transform a window in a dining room or kitchen, for instance, into a patio door to make it easy for guests to transition from your indoor to outdoor living space. Again, make sure to work with a window company that can help you obtain the necessary permits and complete the window installation properly to maintain your home’s structural integrity.

Make Sure Your Replacement Windows Are Weathertight by Choosing the Right Window Company

Whether you expand your windows from the top, bottom, or all sides, you want to ensure a weathertight seal and aesthetically pleasing framing. Selecting a window company with 66 years of experience and award-winning service can give you peace of mind that you made the right choice for your window installation project. Contact Tom Adams Windows and Carpet for the best service across Lehigh Valley, with locations in Whitehall, Churchville, Doylestown, Whitehall, and Southampton. Tom Adams has been serving many counties in Pennsylvania such as Berks County, Lehigh County, Bucks County, and Montgomery County, as well as most of New Jersey.

What would the windows look like in your dream home? Would you like to expand your windows in your main living spaces?

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