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What Is A Pre-Hung Door? Understanding the Basics and Beyond

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If you’re shopping for a new door, you may wonder what a pre-hung door is and whether it’s the right choice – and there’s so much to consider when you’re getting ready to install new doors! Doors provide privacy, security, and insulation while adding aesthetic value to your living space. Doors also significantly affect energy efficiency, noise reduction, and
overall comfort.

There are distinct benefits to a pre-hung door, which we’ll explore in this article, including the components of a pre-hung door, and the advantages of using one over a slab door. We’ll also discuss the different types of pre-hung doors and the benefits of hiring a professional for installation. By the end of this article, you’ll better understand why pre-hung doors are the most   popular and practical among homeowners and why they should  be the right
choice for you.


What Does Pre-Hung Door Mean?

A prehung door is a type of door that comes pre-assembled in a frame, with hinges and a door slab already attached. This makes it easy to install, as it only needs to be placed into the door opening and secured. Pre-hung doors are often used for interior and exterior doors and offer several advantages over slab doors.


Components of a Pre-Hung Door

When learning what a pre-hung door is, there are three main components: the frame, hinges, and door slab. The frame is typically wood or steel designed to fit the door opening. The hinges are attached to the frame and allow the door to swing open and closed. The door slab is the actual door panel that fits into the frame and is often made of wood, metal,
or fiberglass.


Pre-Hung Vs. Slab Door

In contrast to a prehung door, a slab door is just the door slab itself, without a frame or hinges. This means that slab doors require more work to install, as they must be fitted into an existing door frame, and hinges must be installed separately. While slab doors can be a more affordable option, they require more time and effort to install and will not offer the same level of security or insulation as pre-hung doors. Which means you will probably be dealing with air infiltration, bugs, water, and even snow melt in your home, because you cannot get a tight seal on the door slab as a pre-hung door.


Pre-Hung Door Benefits

There are several advantages to using a pre-hung door. One of the main advantages is the ease of installation. With a pre-hung door, the frame, hinges, and door slab are already assembled, eliminating many installation steps and helping keep installation costs down.

Another advantage is a quality made pre-hung door offers improved insulation compared to slab doors. Since the door and frame are designed to fit tightly together, there is no air leakage around the door, which helps to keep the interior of the building at a consistent temperature. This can lead to energy savings and lower heating and cooling costs. These doors should meet ENERGY STAR for insulation and tax credits.

Pre-hung doors also provide better security than slab doors. The frame and hinges of a prehung door are typically stronger and more secure than a slab door. Provia doors are made with a 20 gauge steel wrapped jamb so security is never an issue. These doors have been tested to hold up to a 30 lb force police ram device. This can make it more difficult for intruders to break in as compared to BIG BOX pre-hung or any slab door installed in your home. Provia doors give  greater peace of mind for homeowners and a


Pre-Hung Door Costs

While pre-hung doors may initially be more expensive than slab doors, they can ultimately save money in the long run. Since pre-hung doors offer improved insulation and energy efficiency, they can reduce heating and cooling costs over time and tax credits. Additionally, the ease of installation often means that professional door installation is more cost-effective than installing other types of doors.


Environmental Benefits

Pre-hung doors can also be an environmentally-friendly choice. Since they offer improved insulation, they can help to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, many prehung doors are made with sustainable materials, such as wood from responsibly-managed forests or as in PROVIA DOORS, a non absorbent composite material so the door never has door rot from snow or water.


Types of Pre-Hung Doors

Prehung doors are available for both interior and exterior applications and come in a variety of styles and materials. Interior prehung doors are typically made of wood, while exterior prehung doors may be made of wood, fiberglass, or steel.


DIY vs. Professional Installation

While homeowners can install pre-hung doors as a DIY project, it may be beneficial to hire a professional for installation. At Tom Adams, we’re passionate about ensuring your doors are installed correctly from the beginning, eliminating all guesswork and mistakes that could cost you more in the long run. We are experts at guiding homeowners through the selection process. Whether you’re just starting to research what is a pre-hung door or you want help to select the right pre-hung door for your home, our experienced team of professionals is right here to help. Tom Adams will professionally measure, install and cap each door to protect it from the elements of weather. Also our LIFETIME WARRANTY and GLASS BREAKAGE WARRANTY gives our customers peace of mind with a labor warranty too. 

In conclusion, prehung doors offer many advantages over slab doors, including ease of installation, improved insulation and energy efficiency, better security, and environmental benefits. While pre-hung doors may require a higher initial investment, they can save money over time and provide long-term benefits.

Let the professionals at Tom Adams help you make the proper pre-hung door selection and provide peace of mind with professional installation services.
Get started with a free quote here.

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