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Commercial Business

Trust Us With Your Home & Business
Tom Adams Windows and Carpets is known for our residential work, but did you know that we also do commercial work as well? We can be your one stop shop for windows, doors, flooring, tile, and more when it comes to your business. We work with local businesses, churches, and educational institutions in the area to modernize their spaces with durable products and installation they can trust. You’ve trust Tom Adams’ in your home, so let us upgrade your business.

Ask About Our Supply & Install Program
We work with Contractors and Builders to help with your workload. Call and ask to speak to someone from the Wholesale division for more information

We Offer Job Site Deliveries
Need help getting the material to your job site? We offer job site deliveries to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Monthly Wholesale Specials & Promotions
We offer monthly wholesale specials and promotions to builders and contractors that purchase from us. When you contact one of our wholesale specialists, we add you to our builder and contractor emails to find out about the latest deals.

BETTER TOGETHER for your High Traffic Area

Let us find beautiful floors that enhance your workspace. Customize the design and pattern, be whimsical or traditional. These floors carry 20-30 year life cycles and are able to foot traffic.

Carpet Tiles are more affordable than ever. They’re easy to work with and fun to design. The arrangement of office desks and cabinets are simple and easy. Carpet tiles are easy to install and replace if damaged.

Warmth, softness and sound absorbing floors help every work environment. Maximize productivity of your employee while lowering costs of maintenance and cleaning with Carpet Tiles in your office or work space.

See your Tom Adams Windows and Carpet Commercial Specialists, to help design your office and work environment. Find out how to save money long term and keep your productivity at its peak.

The look of Natural Wood without Headaches or High Costs

Traditional Commercial Tile is boring. Now with Luxury Vinyl Tile, we are able to provide high performance floors that are stain resistant, slip resistant, low maintenance, and cost effective.

We are able to provide floors with wide planks that give the look of traditional homes. These tiles soften any work area, from kitchen, vestibule, offices or bathrooms.

The look of wood is popular and everlasting. Upgrade your work environment now with LVT Floor Tile.

Porcelain Tile is Forever

Every entrance or high traffic area has always had the need for drama. An extravagant design that could only be met by Stone, Marble, Granite and other natural made products can be expensive and high maintenance after installation.

This look can be mimicked using Porcelain Tile. You can get the look of a Classic Carrera Tile, but with the maintenance of the occasional damp mopping.

Epoxy grouts that never change color or need sealing. Porcelain that never needs sealing and is Stain Proof and easy to keep clean.

Large tile format from 12″ x 24″ to 36″ x 36″ and bigger. Tile that covers and beautifies the floors and walls creates the Drama of Success, beauty and design. Let Our Commercial Design and Tile specialist help you create an atmosphere meets your needs and budgets.

Classic Carpet comes in many Colors and Design.

From hallways to offices to libraries, broadloom carpet is seen in any environment. From Large patterns to solid colors, glued down or over commercial padding, broadloom carpet will save time and give beauty to any room. It is great for hotels, motels or small offices. You can coordinate the carpet cove to protect the wall from vacuum cleaners bumping and scratching the walls. Ballroom and hallways with large patterns can create dramatic looks in any commercial installation.

Broadloom carpets are easy to coordinate hard surface in other areas of the room. Styles in cut pile, loops and high low loops can be provided. Broadloom is reliable and beautiful for your commercial needs.