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Quality Materials Make The Difference

Using the Best Materials Are Essential for Outstanding Results

The difference between a great meal and mediocre one, is more than the chef.

Like a chef, without quality herbs, spices, meats and veggies, any planned meal, no matter how well cooked doesn’t have the “WOW” factor.

The same goes for renovations to your home. Purchasing a quality product that is well made for your home by the manufacturer is 1/3 of the solution. A quality craftsman is the other 1/3 to an outstanding job. The last key element is the accessories and material used to install, secure and build around the material, for your project to go from good to “WOW.”

Whether your project is flooring, windows or doors, Tom Adams Windows and Carpets only use the best material for installation to give our customers an “outstanding result.” Many contractors and competitors use inferior materials as a shortcut to save money. Ignorance in experience and knowledge of what  bad materials to avoid turn a job from the possibility of outstanding to a mediocre one. Many times when a quote is compared from one contractor to another, the difference is not price alone, but the quality of those proudcts that made the price lower.

Tom Adams only uses material that fit our criteria:

  • All material comes from a quality manufacturer an/or material we ahve used and trusted in the past.
  • Are highly attractive and add aesthetics and quality and value ot our customer’s overall project.
  • Are durable, long lasting and easy maintenance to ensure a timeless appearance.
  • Help ensure our manufacturer’s warranty and enahance our lifetime labor warranty*
  • Meet th eexpectations of quality that our customers have always expected frfom us.

Why do our competitors use inferior, cheaper products… strictly for their bottom line.

“If the lowest price is what you paid, then why are you surpised with the lowsest value”. –

Warren Buffet